After a three year hiatus, Father Winter returned in a very major way and we're obliged to make the most of it. Granted, after holing up in our blanket burritos, we're moving slower than molasses running uphill – but just say the magic "sled" word and we'll be moving faster than this guy in no time.

It's not very often we get to dust off ye ol' Radio Flyer and take it for a spin. Whether you're a bona fide sledding aficionado or a bit of a beginner – odds are there's a hill somewhere within the perimeter with your name on it. Here's a list of some of our favorite sledding spots. If anything, this is a list to keep in your pocket for our next snow storm (which we're anticipating for 2017).

The Bunny Slopes
Freedom Park and the Carter Center
Like any southerner worth our salt, our sledding experience has been curtailed to a handful of days spread a much larger span of years. Meaning – it's going to take us some training to get up to snuff. The hills of the Carter Center and Freedom Park are exactly what the doctor ordered – safely tucked away from the busy, bustling streets, these scenic drumlins boast moderate gradients perfect for building up our courage.

The Blue Square
Bobby Jones and Candler Park Golf Courses
Why not trade in our nine irons for flex-flyers and hoof it straight to the greens of Atlanta's golf courses? With over seven thousand yards of well-tailored grounds between the them – these Atlanta golfing spots are also prime destinations for us to earn our snow bunny chops.

The Black Diamond
Piedmont Park
We've all had our eye on the epic mammoth of a hill in Piedmont Park since we were knee-high to a grasshopper, just wishing and hoping for the day that enough little white flakes would fall from the sky. In the meantime, we've settled for barreling down it sans white-stuff on many a spring afternoon, but nothing quite compares to speeding down it atop a few inches of snow whilst wearing our most pillowed coats.

The Double Black Diamond
North Avenue
Listen, we're not saying it's advisable – but it has been done. The mighty hills of North Avenue are dangerous, steep and – when the city has completely shut down – a haven for speed-demons and daredevils alike. So if you're having trouble subduing your inner Evel Kneival, this might just be your ticket to ride. Pro-tip: protective gear is highly advised.