Oh, Instagram. No other application has quite convinced us of the existence of our attention spans the way it has. Let's be honest, we're only mildly ashamed of the number of hours we've passed thumbing through the photographic accounts of our friend's kittens, sunsets and manicures. It's the application that has catapulted us into the heyday of the selfie, amongst other things. But how we really like to spend our time staring at our 4.87" x 2.31" screens? Looking at food. We've rallied up the créme de la créme of Atlanta's foodie Instagram accounts here for you – prepare to follow them (and start drooling).

Why We Love It: We already knew that the cocktails served up at the Pinewood are works of art. Now we have visual evidence.

Why We Dig It: Chef Zach Meloy's mad-scientist culinary creations are artful, often whimsical, and always visually stunning. Besides, where else on Instagram do you get to see how hillbilly sushi gets made?

Why We Dig It: Because well-composed, overhead shots of exquisite latte art must be the next-best thing to actually drinking said lattes.

Why We Dig It: Aside from making us thirsty, the snaps from Monday Night give us mere laypeople a glimpse at the inner workings inside the brewery. Like the tanks named after Bryan Adams songs, for example.

Why We Dig It: Chloe Morris will travel far and wide for a worthy bowl of pho, Korean tofu soup, or ramen. Her roving culinary adventures almost always introduce us to eateries (and dishes) we'd never stumble upon otherwise.

Why We Love It: An inside peek at the gorgeous ingredients used in one of the best kitchens in the Southeast? Yeah, we'll take it. We'll take that and a side of scallop-porn.

Why We Dig It: In his weekly pop-up dinners at The General Muir and Gato Bizco, Jarrett Stieber whips up gorgeous concoctions that you kind of have to see to believe. Exhibit A:

Why We Dig It: These fine folks have made it their mission to help people eat local in their own home kitchens. And the glamour shots of locally farmed produce on their feed makes for a mighty convincing case.

Why We Dig It: The King & Duke chef isn't afraid of a little horsing around in the kitchen from time to time.

Why We Dig It: Brad posts both food porn (ahem) and local libations with equal gusto.