All-natural. Local. Artisanal. Boozy? Talk about a few of our favorite things. While it may sound like we're simply playing a game of Scoutmob Mad-Libs, we're actually describing the latest libation innovation to pop up in Atlanta: a line of delicious sodas, made with local ingredients and imbued with just a teeny-tiny bit of mischief. Atlanta, meet Naughty Sodas, whose grown-up riffs on old-school pop will be making their way onto grocery store shelves this year. Let the cheers-ing commence.

It all began (as many brilliant ideas do) with beer. After hosting many a party in his Alpharetta craft beer market, Dave Sheets and his crew started tinkering around with experimental recipes to serve their loyal regulars. The lightbulb moment struck when they made the wise decision to age cream soda in bourbon barrels—and the rest, as they say, is history. Upon seeing the general populace's reaction to spiked cream soda, Dave realized they were on to something. And so, a very enviable research and development process began.

About a year later, Naughty Sodas is in its infancy and growing, with a line of fermented sodas made with local ingredients (like honey and apples from the North Georgia mountains), fresh-pressed juices, and just a touch of carbonation. Oh, and a 5% ABV, just to keep things interesting. Teetotalers, fret not: Naughty Sodas will also be releasing a line of decidedly more well-behaved (read: alcohol-free) sodas to compliment their more saucy offerings. With a range of unexpected flavors like spicy ginger, marshmallow cream soda, blackcurrant with honey and hops, and old-fashioned apple pie (unofficially crowned as the most popular thus far), the recipes go way beyond the likes of New Coke. We have it on good authority that they also happen to make for excellent cocktail mixers. Ginger soda with a side of dark rum, anyone?

Though the Naughty Soda crew is still on the hunt for an official brewery space, the nonalcoholic goods should be hitting shelves this spring, followed by the hard stuff's launch later this year. They're also keeping busy launching a sister brewery, Geer Beer, with a lineup of session ales clocking in at less than 5% ABV. Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye on these beer-swilling entrepreneurs—preferably with a bottle of spiked apple pie soda at the ready.