Our second-favorite kind of Scout in the whole wide world? The kind who brings us delicious cookies each year. Indeed, 'tis the season of Thin Mints and Samoas, and if you're anything like me, you're on high alert for those little stands outside San Francisco's grocery stores shilling those boxes o' goodness like pro saleswomen. And when you make the trip to Safeway only to discover that the Girl Scouts are nowhere to be found, well... let's just say an acute case of Tagalong Disappointment is not pretty for you, your loved ones, or any unlucky nearby strangers. It's enough to make one consider camping out at the front doors of your grocery, not unlike the time those New Kids On The Block tickets went on sale at your local Turtle's Records & Tapes.

But lo! Put the camping equipment back in the attic, for technology is here to save the day. The intrepid Girl Scouts have put together a handy li'l app, the Cookie Locator, to help you sniff out those glorious green boxes of sticky, sweet Samoas while giving your snout a break. Meaning, of course, you can easily and efficiently fill that empty cavern in your soul that can only be satisfied by consuming extraordinary amounts of Do-Si-Dos. Oh, and contribute to your friendly local Girl Scouts. But also binging on Do-Si-Dos. From one crew of mobile app Scouts to another, we congratulate and thank these fine young folks for helping us hound out your delightful wares.

Now the only question you have to answer for yourself is whether or not those Thin Mints taste better straight out of the freezer.