We're unsheathing our toes from their boot prisons, shoving our scarves and gloves back to the dark closet corner from whence they came and readying ourselves (and our livers) for the season of festivals, patios, day-drinking and general merrymaking. Ready to spend the next few months cavorting around town like a frolicsome young colt, but not sure where to start? Fear not: it's as easy as remembering your ABC's:

Antihistamines. This is essential. Because unless you're armed with a pack of Kleenex and an arsenal of Benadryl, you ain't making it out of this one alive.

Blooms. The tulips are out, the sparrows are singing, and the Botanical Gardens are lookin' fly, y'all. With a quarter-million bulbs in bloom, the meandering pathways of the Gardens are a sight to see this time of year—one of the downright prettiest places in Atlanta, we'd say. Spring is a good look for you, ABG.

Crawfish. Soon as the days get warmer, we strap on our bibs, pack up extra WetNaps and celebrate the season of the world's most delicious decapod crustacean.

Day-drinking. Need we say more? (Ah, yes, we do: just add patios to the equation.)

Eastside Trail. With this kind of weather, there's no excuse to not be outside, and a stroll along the Beltline is the perfect way to frolic—especially if you haven't yet ventured over to the Eastside Trail, our favorite 2.25 mile stretch of greenery. (Be sure to make a pitstop at Paris on Ponce.)

Food trucks. Those shiny steel meals-on-wheels have come out of winter hibernation, bringing with them truckloads of Korean tacos, chicken 'n waffles, gelato, barbecue, arepas, cupcakes and more. It's time to get excited about some of ATL's most mobile munchies.

Grant Park Farmer's Market. Opening day of the Grant Park Farmers Market is just around the corner (Sunday, April 19!) and we've got our tote bags (and appetites) ready and raring to go.

Hiking. If ever there were a good time to flee the concrete jungle and take in some of North Georgia's scenic vistas, the pre-mosquito season would be it. Not sure where to start? We have a few suggestions.

Inman Park Festival, 420 Fest, and the numerous other outdoor hoedowns, throwdowns and shindigs coming up. Perhaps you can even score some free beer out of it?

Jelly. As in, we don't think you're ready for the kind of jelly we'll be sporting in our warm-weather duds. Sun's out, guns out.

King of Pops. Does anyone even remember what springtime in Atlanta was like in the pre-KOP era? We don't. But we'll happily take the amnesia if it means another frozen Arnold Palmer, chocolate sea salt or—sigh—Thai iced tea. Especially with the frozen treats' permanent popsicle pickup window on the Beltline.

Longer days. See also: day-drinking.

Markets. There's no better way to welcome the season than by spending an hour strolling through the freshest of local seasonal produce, sampling cheese, ogling the H&F Bread Co. goods and meeting the passionate farmers who schlep their wares to the city each week.

Newborns at the Zoo. Or, as we like to call 'em, zooborns. (Yes, it's a word.) Springtime is the season for busting out the pink and blue cigars at Zoo Atlanta, and we are oh-so-excited to take our baby animal love off the internet and into the wild.

Outdoor movies, retro-style, at the Starlight Six Drive-In. Pack up a cooler, grab a to-go sack of slingers on your way down Moreland and relish in the nostalgia of a true historic local landmark.

Picnics. Simply secure a good blanket, fill up your basket and stake out the perfect picnicking spot. Piedmont Park? A spot along the Chattahoochee? Perhaps a nice, grassy patch of median somewhere on 85? Maybe start with Piedmont Park. Oh, and don't forget the lawn games. Richard's is always good on that front.

Quaffin' on quality cocktails. Basil, grapefruit, lemongrass: this is the stuff of which springtime imbibing should be made. And this spring's drinking forecast certainly calls for plenty of botanical goodness.

Roller derby. Aggressive, fast-paced, and a little bit brutal, roller derby is a sport on par with the likes of pro-wrestling... but on skates. And springtime means these badasses-on-wheels are back in action. Snap up your tickets to the next bout ASAP, because it sells out every single time).

Shaky Knees Festival. Yes, we know we already mentioned festivals, but the third round of this festival has such a damn respectable lineup, it deserves special acknowledgement.

The Ted. Whether you're a sports fan or not, there's something quintessentially Atlanta about filing in to Turner Field on a balmy Saturday afternoon to catch the Braves in action, splurge on $10 Coors and stuff your face with peanuts H&F burgers.

Umbrellas. Not the April showers kind—we're talking the tiny ones that come in delicious tropical beverages.

Victory Sandwich Bar, which will be making its triumphant return to Inman Park any day now. Their new digs sports a mighty fine patio, a private room for ping-pong complete with an epic scoreboard and a dazzling view of the city skyline, and all of the Jack & Coke slushies we can slurp up before the brain freeze kicks in.

Wit, weiss and wheat. Nothing slakes the thirst like a light, crisp, cold wheat beer on a warm spring afternoon... especially when said elixir is brewed right in your own neighborhood. Monday Night Brewing's Fu ManBrew, a ginger-spiked Belgian wit, is without a doubt one of our official libations of the warmer months. Best enjoyed on a patio in the later afternoon after dipping out of work early.

Xhibits. Not that kind. Spring programming has brought a dizzying array of field trip-worthy exhibitions to ATL. Become a bit of a brainiac at the Fernbank through August, catch MoDA's designing for healthy living or discover the heralded work of Nexus Press at the Contemporary, and, whatever you do, don't miss the High's Los Trompos at the high, a large-scale installation that is sure to get your head spinning.

Yacht Rock. Sure, technically they play year-round... but what better way to celebrate the season than by donning a leisure suit and gently swaying back and forth to some sweet '70s sounds? Raid your dad's closet, practice your Kenny Loggins lyrics and set sail with these crooners at The Variety Playhouse.

Zen. In other words: the way we feel after the glorious spring sun finally shines upon our faces after a long winter's nap.