The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the pollen count is steadily rising, which can only mean one thing: it's about to be prime patio season. But humans aren't the only ones who get a kick out of kicking it al fresco—just ask Scruffy, Thurston, and Shenanigans. We polled a few of our favorite canine connoisseurs about their favorite pup-friendly patios in town, and asked them to provide a little photographic evidence. Because there's no such thing as too many puppy pictures. Behold, the best spots to partake in patio season alongside man's best friend:

Thurston Says: The Midway Pub
Not one, not two, but three pups agree: this laid-back East Atlanta watering hole is as beloved by canines as it is by beer connoisseurs. And for good reason. Humans love Midway for the excellent beer list and tasty corndogs; dogs love it for the canine camaraderie and… well, probably also the corn dogs. We don't know about you, but we probably couldn't resist sneaking one of those meaty treats to a face like this.
Henry Says: 97 Estoria
We've wiled away many a lazy Sunday afternoon camped out on this patio, where the PBR flows like honey and the people-watching is never in short supply. We're happy to hear that this guy agrees—he seems like our kind of party animal.
Jack Says: Jake's Ice Cream
"Treat yo'self" shouldn't just apply to humans, you know. At the Irwin Street Market's ice cream shop, dogs have their own version of the frozen treat in PupScream, not to mention a picture-perfect patio overlooking the Beltline. Who knows? Maybe a fine canine fellow like Jack can spot some fly honeys trotting down the Eastside Trail.
Shenanigans Says: Noni's Bar & Deli
At first glance, you wouldn't necessarily peg Noni's as a prime patio locale. Shenanigans, however, knows what's up. Cut around to the side of the restaurant, and you'll find a little secret garden where you and your pup can bond over parmesan fries, pasta, and meat-stacked subs.
Molly Says: The Atlanta Food Truck Park
Molly, we like your taste. You've gone and sniffed out a place that not only offers everything from popsicles to pimento cheese; it also allows your human to pack up a beverage or two of their own choosing, spread out a blanket on the grass, and soak up the sun a little. Sounds like a dog's life to us.
Enzo Says: Wrecking Bar Brewpub
This brewpub's cozy little patio offers a perfect place in which humans can kick back and enjoy both of man's best friends — good dogs and great beer — at the same time. And maybe a few corn-pups, while you're at it.