Spoonful of sugar? More like spoonful of Coca-cola. You heard it here first: cream and sugar are the coffee sidekicks of days past. These days, we prefer our java served with a healthy dose of adventure. Be it boozy, citric or bona fide Atlantan – some of our favorite coffee stops are serving up some really unique café combos. Here are a few of our favorites that we've stumbled across in our caffeine-fueled days.

The Americola
Me-oh-my, if the ATL has a patron beverage – this is it. With the combined powers of a Coca-Cola and two shots of espresso coursing through our veins we're liable to ride our caffeinated sugar-highs all the way through the week. For skeptics of the coffee-cola combo – we say don't hate it 'til you've tasted it. The rich, syrupy goodness has salvaged us from many a case of the manic Mondays.

The Wilson
Bantam+Biddy (Crescent)
Most take their coffee with just a bit of cream and sugar. Bantam+Biddy's secret ingredients? Lime, palm sugar and coconut milk. (Yes, you heard us correctly.) Trust us, this very well may be the nectar of the Gods.

The David Ames
Condesa Coffee
This is coffee, the adult way (translation: boozy). And we're not talking your run-of-the-mill Irish Coffee, either. Nay, this faultless combination of iced Counter Culture coffee, vodka, vanilla syrup and nutmeg is our go-to libation when we need a leg-up and into the weekend after a long week at the office.

The Café Romano
Dancing Goats Coffee
What may look like an unassuming shot of espresso is, in all actuality, a one-way ticket to caffeinated, citric bliss. The Dancing Goats' custom blend of Batdorf and Bronson espresso is brewed in a mug already lined with lemon juice and topped with a delightful lemon twist. We're hard-pressed to think of a better beverage to pucker up to during the spring and summer months.