From "Food That Pleases," drawing hungry revelers in for a greasy 3 a.m. Majestic burger, to "Hot Now!," giving passersby an instant Pavlovian reaction at the thought of fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts, there's something about the fluorescent glow of a neon sign that draws us in like... well, moths to a flame. We're no Las Vegas, but ask a few Atlantans who've spent some time driving around the city past their bedtime, and they're sure to pinpoint at least one iconic work of neon. From old to new, ice cream parlors to historic churches, here are a few of our favorites, captured by local neon aficionado Victoria Crucet:

majestic diner #1
The Majestic Diner: a gleaming beacon of milkshakes, burgers and Ponce-style people-watching since 1929. Its iconic signage is the flame to which all of Ponce's late-night reveling moths are drawn in search of hot coffee and greasy food.

Henri's Bakery
Another landmark dating back to '29, Henri's has been the sweet tooth indulgence of choice for generations of ATL families.

Starlight Drive-In
Atlanta's last remaining vestige of that beloved tradition, the drive-in movie theatre. This old gal dates back to 1950 (but she doesn't look a day over 25, we swear).

clermont hotel #3
The Clermont Inn: kind of decrepit, in need of a fix up, a little rough around the edges, but still timeless. Not unlike the dancing ladies you'll find 'round back.

Plaza Theatre
The Plaza might have a fancy new digital projector, but it's still the oldest operating cinema in Atlanta. (And it's definitely haunted.)

The creepiest place to catch a rock show in ATL, the Masquerade has survived a fire, a couple of Gwar shows and plenty of ghostly spectres.

Zesto Ponce
Many times we've driven past this glowing ice cream cone on Ponce in the wee hours; very few times have we been able to resist the lure of a Nut Brown Crown.

A mere glimpse of this glowing logotype is enough to cause instant cravings for a pad Thai burrito.

Ebenezer Baptist Church
Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of signage in Atlanta, this one belongs to the congregation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s church in the Sweet Auburn district.

View the rest of Victoria's photos here. Found some iconic neon of your own? Tell us about it.