We're fans of food in just about any form – but there's something about victuals served up on a sticks that fills us with nostalgia. Luckily for us, the powers-that-be have finally declared a day to celebrate all-things-speared, and that day is today. In celebration, we've rallied up some of our favorite javelined eats from around town for us to sink our teeth into.

Dreams Really Do Come True: Chicken & Waffles On A Stick
Where: 10th and Piedmont
We couldn't make this up if we tried. This decadent, delicious skewered treat has undoubtedly descended into Midtown via Paula Deen's deep-fried dreams. What goes into it? Well, a cut of chicken is wrapped in applewood bacon, dipped in waffle batter, deep-fried and served with a trio of fixins (hot sauce, sorghum syrup and powdered sugar).

The King of All Stick-based Treats: King of Pops
Where: All over ATL, y'all
We just can't stop singing the praises of the K.O.P., but then again why would we want to? It's almost as if this holiday exists to give us an excuse to consume gluttonous numbers of his frozen, fresh treats. And with a recipe list that's constantly evolving, our love for the pops never seems to lose its bloom. Case-point: the recent Girl Scout cookie-infused concoctions he's been unveiling. Do-Si-Dos Chocolate Sea Salt pops? Be still our hearts.

Speared-eats from the Far East: Yakitori Shio
Where: Hayakawa Sushi House
These skewered eats are all of the rage in the far east, and it's easy to see why. Fresh chicken, chopped into manageable bites that are skewered and grilled over charcoal with light seasoning? Sounds like the perfect spring-time eat to us. And the good folks at Hayakawa know how to serve it up right.

Our Go-To Classic: Kebabs
Where: Cafe Mezo
With a Turkish chef boasting 40 years of authentic Mediterranean cooking experience – this new Midtown hot-spot is our favorite place to go for a good ol' kebab. Take for instance the lamb, which is seasoned with the chef's signature marinade and grilled to perfection. And don't even get us started on the marinated chicken, eggplant, or steak options. These are exactly the kind of eats we'd like to pass an afternoon on Mezo's porch chowing down on whilst sippin' on a Caiprihna (or three).

The Alpha and the Omega: The Cadbury Scotch Egg
Where: Pallookaville
Undoubtedly you expected us to give Pallookaville the nod for their gourmet corndogs. There's no questioning their prowess in that department (just one bite into a Cornleone takes us one step closer to heaven), but when the Avondale Estates staple unleashed this concoction into the world a few weeks ago, we knew we had met our stick-based match. Behold: the Cadbury Scotch Egg. A Cadbury egg that has been funnel caked with pine street bacon, bacon whipped cream and topped with salted carmel (and sprinkles, naturally). In other words, this is decadence – on a stick.