We can name a few dishes in Atlanta that seem to unofficially possess curative qualities: La Casona's bandeja paisa instantly demolishes all traces of a hangover; a sip from the font of Sister Louisa's spiritual sangria washes away most, if not all, worldly woes; one whiff of an Ann's Ghetto Burger, and one's New Year's resolutions vanish without a trace. But there's only one dish in this town that's known – nay, legendary – for possibly being endowed with unexplainable powers. Namely, the power to induce labor in expecting mamas-to-be. Seriously.

For the past three decades, Scalini's Italian Restaurant has not only extolled the pregnancy-expediting, seemingly science-defying virtues of its eggplant parmesan—it's guaranteed the dish's results. Is it for real? While we haven't personally tested the dish's effectiveness, nor have we consulted any obstetricians, the restaurant's Wall of Babies makes a mighty persuasive argument: hundreds of photos of so-called "Eggplant Babies", born within 48 hours of a visit to the old-school Italian eatery. Also convincing: the fact that, on any given evening in the Scalini's dining room, it's likely that you'll spot at least one pregnant lady tucking in to the stuff. (And chances are, she heard about it from other pregnant ladies—or from the Good Morning America segment about the phenomenon.)

While the mythical eggplant parmigiana isn't exactly a medically sanctioned method, we're admittedly curious about the dish's efficacy. And – real talk – after this past winter's two snowpocalypses (snowpocalypsii?) Atlanta may be experiencing its very own miniature baby boom come November, so… can't hurt, right? Check back and let us know how it goes, ATL.