Going to a beer festival is one thing. (A very good thing.) But volunteering? That's a whole 'nother beast altogether. Because not only do you get to dole out libations to a merry crew of frolickers—there's also the potential for endlessly flowing drafts (fo' free) as payment.

While it's all good and well to volunteer all on its own, we're not above collecting on that do-goodery with a cold one (or five). And these five Atlanta beer festivals are on the lookout for just your type. Must have: a steady hand, an intrepid demeanor and (preferably) look great in a free t-shirt.

Sweetwater 420 Fest
Centennial Olympic Park, April 18-20
Merely sign up for two four-hour shifts and a t-shirt (see?), commemorative bag and wristband shall be bestowed upon you. And once your shift's over, you're free to explore the festival. Enjoy the musical stylings of festival lineup artists while sipping on more than 20 unique brew styles. Earth Day? More like Mirth Day.
Sign Up: Fill out an easy volunteer form. Don't even worry about it.

Heritage Sandy Springs Beer Festival
Sandy Springs, April 26
After a few hours of volunteering, lounge upon the lawn, like the beer-pouring czar that you are, and take in (via your ears) the great lineup and (via your face) the great local food and over 70 brews.
Sign Up: Email if you're interested.

East Atlanta Beer Fest
Brownwood Park, May 17
If a beer festival that's eleven years in the running is noteworthy, the selection of 200+ plus craft brews is downright inspirational. And here's your chance to be a source of inspiration for all EABF attendees, if you sample the wares during your tenure? Even better.
Sign Up: Check out their volunteer page for all of the details. It's got everything you need to know.

Decatur Craft Beer Festival
Decatur, October 18
Two ways to drink for nuttin' here, folks. If you're a planning-ahead sort of person, you can enter the logo design contest (winner cleans up with $300, two admission tickets and two t-shirts)—just enter by June 6 by 5p.m., and then win. Otherwise, you can volunteer like the rest of us (priority is given to consistent Decatur volunteers).
Sign Up: Register with Decatur Volunteers (and keep your fingers crossed).

Note: Volunteer positions fill up quickly, so you'd better act fast. If it helps, remind yourself: free beer is on the line.