Yes, Atlanta weather can be a fickle temptress, seductively luring us into flip-flops and patios only to punish our premature spring fever with a blustering wind or a few raging snowflakes. But can you blame us for day-dreaming about... well, day-drinking? Preferably on a sunny patio, with a refreshing libation at the ready? We're hereby flinging away our scarves and socks, and swapping out the maple syrup, nutmeg and pumpkin spice for basil, grapefruit and lemongrass. We checked in with our favorite cocktail slingers to see what fresh libations we could look forward to.

The Purveyor: Leon's Full Service
The Libation: The Lead Belly
The Fixins: Bulleit rye, zucca amaro, cocchi di torino, strega, fernet branca, cherry, spearmint and grapefruit bitters.

The Purveyor: Joystick Game Bar
The Libation: The Dollhouse
The Fixins: E&J VSOP brandy, Carpano Antica Formula, Cocchi Americano Rosa, Bergamot tea and Angostura bitters

The Purveyor: St. Cecilia
The Libation: Green River
The Fixins: Ford’s Gin, Cynar, muddled arugula and black pepper

The Purveyor: Holeman & Finch
The Libation: Alobar
The Fixins: Terrior gin, Agua Libre rum, Bandaloop blend, lime juice, simple syrup and a basil leaf

The Purveyor: Bocado
The Libation: Sawtooth
The Fixins:Krogstad Aquavit, Canton ginger, apples, lemon and an anise star

The Purveyor: Ecco
The Libation: Captain & Pandora
The Fixins: Genever gin, honey and Uinta Hop Notch IPA

The Purveyor: Family Dog
The Libation: Hemingway Daiquiri
The Fixins:white rum, Luxardo Maraschino Liquer, grapefruit and fresh-pressed lime