We're not shy about the fact that it was good ol'-fashioned Southern meals that first made us swoon for West Egg, but what's kept us devoted to them over the years? Their all-inclusive, friendly vibes and community-driven atmosphere. It's hard to believe that it's been a decade since the Westside establishment first opened its doors (time flies when you're busy drinking boozy milkshakes) but that's precisely the milestone that's come to pass this year, and the people of West Egg are celebrating the only way they know how: by giving back.

Yes, West Egg is encouraging its patrons to donate to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Every donation will be matched by the restaurant dollar for dollar up to $5,000. It couldn't make more sense: ten years? Ten thousand dollars donated back to the community. "We are all so fortunate to know that we have food on our tables, and that our employees are taken care of. We couldn't think of a better way to acknowledge how fortunate we are than by giving back to those who are not." West Egg's owner, Jen Johnson told us. We couldn't agree more.

Jen's hope isn't just to help feed those in need, it's to get her regular customers and new patrons engaged with the restaurant on a new level. They're interested in seeing just how many people they can get involved. Interested doing so? More information about the month-long fundraiser can be found on the their website , and donations can be made here. After all, despite our instincts to eat all of their Coca-Cola Cupcakes ourselves, we realize it's probably more noble for us to share the wealth a bit, right?