At long last, tax season is coming to a close. And whether we're looking for a joint to await our sweet, sweet return or for a place to cut the pain of writing that big ol' check to Uncle Sam – odds are we could use a stiff drink. After all, recovering our Turbo Tax password was no small task. We've rounded up some of our go-to neighborhood stops where the booze runs stiff, so no matter the budget we'll be taken care of.

The Local
Our Drink of Choice: Basil Hayden, straight – no chaser
The Local may be known for it's late-night crowds, raucous trivia evenings and enthusiasm for the living dead, but the Poncey-Highland watering hole also happens to be a great place to get a solid pour. That, combined with a congenial staff and people-watching abound? Why, it's almost as if tax season never happened at all.

The Thinking Man Tavern
Our Drink of Choice: The Dante
The dark yet jovial interior of the Thinking Man Tavern has never done us wrong. Plus, their spirits selection never fails to lift our … spirits. Perhaps the strongest of the lot? The Dante – a faultless combination of High West Double Rye, St. Elder Liquer Red Rock ginger ale, blood orange bitters and ginger liqueur.

97 Estoria
Drink of Choice: Jameson + orange soda chaser
We can't really think of a better concoction to wipe away the painful memory of cutting Uncle Sam that hefty check. Estoria's house shot is certainly a surprisingly smooth (and effective) way to wash away the citizen's dues blues.

Mac McGee's
Drink of Choice: Pick a whiskey, any whiskey
We can't think of a better place in to celebrate that big ol' return headed our way. And with such a world of whiskies at our fingertips – why not embark on a spirit-driven tour-de-force? Indeed, Mac McGee's whiskey menu is extensive, sporting a selections from across the pond as well as stateside. (Heck, they even have offerings from Japan and Canada.)

The Brewhouse
Drink of Choice: The Painkiller (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
Ahh, the Painkiller – such an aptly named delight – and what a perfect time of year for it. There are three different levels of this concoction, so no matter the depth of our tariff-driven despair, we're covered. The higher the number the higher the alcohol content – order accordingly.