The sun is shining, the birds are chirping... and you're hunched over your laptop in a dark corner of a coffee shop like a nerdy, tweeting Quasimodo. Look out the window. Why are you letting the sounds of espresso machines and Death Cab drown out the great outdoors? Certainly, coffee shops are marvelous places to get work done, particularly, extra-busy ones, but when the sun comes out, so does our need to spend sunny days playing in the sprinklers, drinking out of the hose and frolicking about in the great outdoors. Or, at least typing outdoors. Here's where to absorb a little Vitamin D with your wifi:

Park Grounds. The only coffee shop in Atlanta where you can sip an iced beverage (or a cold beer), while witnessing labradors and Pomeranians bro down in harmony. Park Grounds is hidden in the recesses of Reynoldstown, but once you come upon it, you'll see why this place gets packed to the gills on pleasant weekend afternoons. And since Park Grounds serves up some mean sandwiches along with its fair-trade, single origin coffee, you've got all the fuel you need to get through your inbox.

Land of a Thousand Hills. The very definition of "off the beaten path," this mountain lodge-esque cafe is tucked way back in the rear of a gated apartment community off of Akers Mill Road in Vinings. But believe us, it's well worth the 20-minute trek (and, yes, it's open to the public). See, besides the wifi, Land of a Thousand Hills is situated right on the bank of the Chattahoochee, where you get sanity breaks by spotting geese over the river. And let's be honest, the last time you saw any kind of fowl splashing around in a body of water outside a coffee shop, it was probably a fat pigeon bathing itself in a mud puddle in front of a downtown Starbucks. It gets better.

Condesa Coffee. With shady seating right on the tree-lined Freedom Parkway PATH Trail, this here's a great spot to watch the world go by, and take in one of the best views of the skyline, all with a coffee at the ready. Bonus points: should your creativity require a bit more lubrication, the classic boozy cocktails mixed up here get the job done. (We speak from experience.)

Carroll Street Cafe. Know what's almost as good as a vacation in Europe? Pretending you're vacationing in Europe by setting up shop on the sidewalk outside one of the best little cafe/bistros in Atlanta. Hidden in Cabbagetown, Carroll Street has plentiful coffee, wine, people-watching and, hands-down, the best Nicoise salad in the city.

97 Estoria . Don't be the dude who whips out the Macbook at the bar on a Thursday night... but in the afternoons, when things are a little bit quieter at this watering hole, there's nothing like kicking it on the roomy patio with a glass or two of something seasonal, craft and pleasing to the tastebuds. Tacos and burgers beat out the usual coffee shop fare of dense blueberry muffins, and the Krog Tunnel makes for most excellent scenery.

Cypress Street Pint & Plate. And we swear we're not just saying this 'cause of the poetically beautiful Sublime Burger. This Midtown hangout keeps our pint glasses full of craft goodness, our plates piled high with delicious pub goodness and our patio hankerings sated. (Also, need we say it again? Sublime. Burger.)

Dancing Goats at Ponce City Market. Adirondack chairs, rockers and giant swinging sofas: great coffee shop patio or greatest coffee shop patio? The screened-in porch at Ponce City Goats is the perfect spot to sip on locally roasted joe in the shade and ponder the innumerable merits of a suspended couch-swing.

So, there you have it: our picks for where to go when the inbox calls out but the sun's sweet rays are irresistible. Share your tips on Twitter and Facebook... and, in the wise words of Vitamin C, don't forget your sunscreen.