Nothing quite welcomes summer like a lime garnish on the rim of a cocktail glass. Whether it accents our gin and tonic, is muddled in the mix of our favorite mojito, or caps off a shot of tequila – the virescent citrus is an irreplaceable adornment to all-things-booze. Yes, limes, we've been quite taken with you over the years. But now that we find ourselves in the thick of what the New York Times heralds as The Great Lime Shortage, what are we to do? Neither orange nor lemon will sufficiently supplement the lime's sweet and acrid flavor. And with Cinco de Drinko Mayo just around the corner, we find ourselves in dire straits. What will accompany our mezcal and tequila? What will sour our margaritas?

The times are dark, indeed. And with the limey drought forecasted to last all summer long, there's no doubt the saga will continue. Lucky for us, there are bevy of restaurants serving up tequila-based, lime-less libations all over the city. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Lay of the Land
Alma Atlanta
This spiced delight keeps its focus on another campéon verde of Mexican cuisine – the jalapeño. And with a cucumber accent and a hibiscus salt finish? Well this gem is equal parts spicy, crispy and briny.

Creamy Ho
Bone Garden Cantina
We are long-time fans of Bone Garden Cantina's homemade horchata. The creamy deliciousness reminds us of polishing off bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as a child (but without the mess of slurping the milk from the bowl). What could possibly improve upon the cinnamon-fueled bliss? Why, booze of course. Bone Garden's Creamy Ho does just that. Horchata, meet our good friend Fat Ass Añejo Tequila.

Business Socks
Victory Sandwich
Though we never felt we'd be inclined to order a beverage named after socks of any sort (not even the fanciest ones) this libation has led us to second guess our instincts. The dark concoction complements tequila with campari, sweet vermouth and chocolate bitters.

El Myr
Limes – who needs 'em? Let's combine two beverages known for their limey garnish and skip the citrus all together. El Myr's Grizz is dubbed a "Mexican Car Bomb" for good reason: seven ounces of Corona topped with tequila –pure and simple. (A couple of these will have us shouting "Olé!" in no-time.)

H. Harper Station
When we think "tequila" we think several things: 1. Party! 2. Margaritas! 3. Summer! 4. Fruit! 5. Jalapeños! This mighty-fine beverage dishes up all of those things and then some. This very well may be the culmination of all our favorite Mexican flavors (well, you know – without the help of these guys) – jalapeño, pineapple, agave nectar and the spicy-goodness of aztec chocolate bitters.