Atlanta's very first Cycling Festival will kick into gear this weekend, descending on Atlanta with an onslaught of two-wheeled, fun-filled activities. The Atlanta Cycling Festival came into being after founder, Jeffrey Wisard, took a trip across the pond to Ireland last August. There, he came across the sixth annual Cork Cycling Festival and participated in their Biking Viking tour. By the time he had returned to the states he knew: Atlanta deserved a cycling fest of its own.

Now, less than a year later, Jeffrey's vision has come to fruition, thanks to the help and assistance of his lean, mean cycling team, Maria, Nick, Ann and Kathleen, and the support of the Atlanta cycling community as a whole.

So what can we expect from the fest? Well, there's certainly something for everyone. Bikeless? No problem, bikes are available to rent through the Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop or, if you want to get your own wheels, Jeffrey suggests checking out Snyder's Cycles and landing yourself some bespoke spokes. Plus, they've got events planned for every skill level throughout the week, so whether you're still in training wheels or a bit of a bicycle aficionado, there's opportunity to participate. The full list of events can be found on the festival's website, but we've rounded up some highlights here.

For the Adventurous
For those looking to get out into nature, the cycling fest will be hosting bike-bound tours through Arabia Mountain and Panola Mountain State Park. For riders who consider themselves daredevils, there's the SopoCross Gravel Ravel, which was was organized by Georgia's own Georgia Cross and Sopo Bicycle Cooperative.

For the Families
We weren't kidding when we said the fest was training-wheel friendly. There's plenty of activities for tikes on bikes to take part in, too. At the Carter Center on Sunday they'll be offering Safety, Skills & Drills for kids between the ages of 6 and 10. For an event to get the whole family involved in, there's Family Biking 101, which will give you all the necessary skills to keep the wheels turning all year 'round.

For the Singles
Looking for love? There are plenty of events that are geared for singles. Namely, we're referring to their Bicycle Speed Dating, which will take place on Thursday, June 12th. But if you're feeling a bit fancier there's also a Bike Tie Affair hosted by the Spindle ATL, at which cyclists can showcase their swankiest cycling duds. (And maybe win someone's heart in the process?) For those looking to really bring back chivalry – harness your inner knight in shining armor and take to some bike jousting.

For the Homer Simpsons
Not sure you have the energy or want to get on your bike? What if we offered up a box of box of gooey, delicious doughnuts? Révolutión Süblîme may just be the event for you. The event is a tour de force of some of Atlanta's best doughnut stops, Sublime and Revolution Doughnuts – and at 16 miles round trip – there's no need to feel guilty 'bout any of it.