Listen, we're not trying to work you into a tizzy or anything, but Father's Day is just around the corner. And – let's face it – good ol' pop can be kinda difficult to shop for. (How many fancy pens and wallets can one man be gifted in a lifetime? Let's not find out.) Not to worry, this year Father's Day is in the bag. We've rounded up a bevy of different Dad-centric Hand-Picked experiences for you and he to indulge in. Because, after all, he does keep insisting that all he wants is to spend more time with you.

Unleash his inner speed-demon
What better way to say "thanks" to the man who taught you how to drive responsibly than to teach him how to drive irresponsibly? We're joking – kind of. The driving will still be responsible, but much, much, much faster than the usual speed limits. Under Randy Baker's watchful eye, good ol' Dad can take six laps around the Atlanta Motor Speedway in a bona fide NASCAR Nextel Cup car. Just make sure he buckles up.

Show him you care with some stogies and some scotch
Our handsome Inman Park hideaway is so much more than a mere cigar shop. Decorated with cushy leather chairs, Montecristo's abound and all the Laphroig of our scotch-fueled dreams – this spot is equal parts cigar shop, bar and lounge. (Or what we like to call a 100% Dad dream.)

Take him to the greens
Ever since they opened up in the summer of '69, the grounds of the Stone Mountain Golf Course have been a cornerstone in Atlanta's golfing community. We are hard-pressed to think of abetter way to bond with Dad than an afternoon of swinging ye old irons across eighteen holes of their idyllic, verdurous estate? Besides, ain't it high-time to dust off those irons the family went in on for him three Father's Days ago?

Treat him to some finger-lickin' good 'cue
Isn't it time he pigged out a bit? We encourage him to do so – quite literally. This dinner for two is the whole hog and then some: hot, crackling pepper pork rinds, two pulled pork sandwiches, and two gussied up bacon-infused Old Fashioneds. Cheers to you, Dad.

Bring the whole family white water rafting
Father's Day falls in the heart of water sport season for a reason, after all. Rally up the troops, hike it up to the Great Ocoee and embark on a white-water fueled day of adventure. He'll love it, we promise. Pro-tip: Let him choose the tunes on the way up – he deserves to listen to all the Steve Miller Band he wants.

Buy him a cold one – and teach him about it, too
After giving you the gift of his lifetime's worth of knowledge, the least you can do is pay it forward. There's not a more fitting occasion than one of the Porter's Beer 101 classes. See, this way you can buy Dad a brew, then offer him a tall glass of knowledge (Molly Gunn's knowledge, that is) alongside it.

Teach him to fly
If your dad is the wind beneath your wings, so to speak, why not prove it to him? Let him pretend to be a fighter pilot! Let him sit snugly in an authentic WWII North American T-6 "Texan" aircraft. A plane that he can learn about, ride in and then fly in (yes, fly)— all whilst wearing a badass leather skull-cap.

Make his carnivorous dreams come true
After spending so much time behind the grill all of these years, don't you think Dad deserves a burger he doesn't have to sweat over? There's no more worthy behemoth than Barrelhouse's tower of beef: the Bobby Dodd burger. Wash it down with some Monday Night brews and top it off with some legendary banana puddin' – what more could he ask for?