Fries – be them french, frîte, or freedom, we simply can't get enough of 'em. But who does it best in Atlanta? There's quite a covey of options around the city for us to get our paws on. Here are some of the more notable spuds around the A.

Crunchy. Hand-cut. Delicious. At times they cost us an extra dollar, but we assure you – they're worth every penny. Plus, the dill dipping sauce they come with makes it's tomato-based cousin condiment a distant memory.

Leon's Full Service
One of the many things Leon's has on lock-down: fries. Their infamous pub frîtes are deliciously fancy and available to order by the bucketful. Perhaps what's even more important? Leon's certainly has a merited regard for the french fry's side-kick, condiments. They've got over a dozen different sauces to sink yer spuds into, with flavors varying from the mild and silky cucumber-dill yogurt to the spicy fresh horseradish mayonnaise.

The Fry Guy Food Truck
What's in a name? Everything – they don't call him the fry guy for nothing. The beloved food truck was born from the brains of Chef Andrew Long and Jobe Gruber, two gents who are certainly aficionados when it comes to serving up fries Belgian-style with a slew of sauces alongside 'em.

The Porter
Sure, we could go on and on about the bevy of brew knowledge over at the Porter. We could tell you about their rotating list of 44 draft beers, or their 800 bottled options – 300 of which are aging in the cellar – but you've heard it all before. Instead, let's talk about the garlicky deliciousness of the Porter's fries. They're borderline addictive, y'all. (And what accompanies suds better than spuds?)

You say:
"Lucky's in Roswell and Heirloom BBQ near Galleria" – Daniel Groce

"Noni's." – Kelsey Agnew

"I love the fries at Leon's with the choice of sauces! I also like Chick-a-Biddy's fries." - Shauna Stuart

"Muss & Turner's frites with thyme aioli." – Justin Horton

"Fry Guy food truck." – @mayanrelic

"The Okonomiyaki-style fries at Illegal Food in O4W are covered in Japanese mayo, Sriracha & bonito flakes." – Chris Watkins

"I have had some good fries at The Porter. Sweet Auburn BBQ has some tasty ones too." – Elly Font Art