One thing that's irrevocably true: ice cream (or in this case, gelato) has magical nostalgic powers, capable of transporting us back to a simpler summer days of running through sprinklers and cooling down with icy, delicious treats. These days, we’re all about those tingly wistful feelings, and luckily for us, Atomic Ice Cream Sandwich is too. Not only are their frozen delicacies full of explosions of natural flavors, but they’re also a unique throwback to the idyllic sammies of the 1950’s.

Created right here in Atlanta, husband and wife duo and Atomic cofounders, Dawn and Thomas McCulloh, (along with the help of their six-year-old son as a taste tester) wanted to start a business based around deliciousness. Thus, the Atomic Ice Cream sandwich was born. And since their debut in December 2013, the dessert has all but launched into orbit.

Locally sourced and made with all natural ingredients, without any artificial flavors or coloring – Atomic Ice Cream Sandwiches boast a list of both authentic and innovative flavors. From the classic confection of vanilla on chocolate to bourbon burnt sugar, these tasty treats bring out the kid in all of us while still enticing our grown-up palates. And who could blame us? A creamy layer of churned-to-perfection gelato sandwiched betwixt two moist cookies makes for a scrum-diddily-umttious treat at any age. (Pro tip: Check out their full list of delicious flavors.)

The Atomic duo are ramping up their presence at festivals and farmers markets around ATL including the East Atlanta Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, 4 p.m.- 8 p.m. Or, the Atomics can be purchased directly at the Candler Park Market, Little Organic Market, the Mercantile and Little’s Food Store.

Scoutmob Local Editorial Intern Brittany Maher is a self-proclaimed word nerd, coffee connoisseur and lover of all things comedy. Currently a senior at Kennesaw State University, Brittany is Editor-in-Chief of her university’s student run newspaper, The Sentinel. She has infinite knowledge of 90’s sitcoms and will almost always beat you in Scrabble.