Whether it's donning freshly-cleaned clothes or making the daring switch to gourmet pulped orange juice, we'll be the first to admit it, sometimes we feel a little dapper in the mornings. And with that desire for a little fanciness comes a surprisingly strong hankering to delicately stuff our collective face with immeasurable quantities of one thing: pastries. Specifically, croissants.

We’re not entirely sure what it is about those buttery, flaky crescents of heaven-on-earth, but we can't stop eatin' 'em, nor do we want to. And with the plethora of croissant options our fair city has to offer, we won't be calling it quits any time soon. Below, you'll find some of the flakiest, butteriest and (sometimes) chocolaty-est baked goods we ever did lay our eyes, and then stomachs, upon:

Parish Foods & Goods
The folks at Parish certainly know their way around the Market kitchen, and that includes the skill-intensive production of those beloved croissants. Their unparalleled flakiness is due to using cold, high-quality European butter. We prefer to think it's magic. Pick up one of their chocolate croissants and pair it with a hot up o’ joe – you’ll be in pastry heaven.

Alon's Bakery & Market
Alon's croissants have a devoted following among Atlanta pastry-philes, and for good reason–his creations have been decades in the making. Whether plain, pistachio'd or almond (a personal favorite), the siren call of these freshly twisted crescents is not one to be ignored. We expect it might have something to do with their unique ability to walk the line between satisfyingly filling and light and airy. Or it could just be that irresistibly crunchy shell. We'll test a few more and get back to you. Science!

The Little Tart Bakeshop
There are "authentic" croissants, and then there are the croissants deftly prepped under the watchful eye of croissant craftswoman Sarah O'Brien, who has trained in a smattering of Parisian bakeries. As in, bakeries that are in Paris. Yessir, these moist, buttery layers ensconced by a delightfully flaky outer shell are the real deal. For best results, eat one and repeat.

Mae's Bakery
This little bakeshop has a warm atmosphere that hearkens back to the mom n' pop shops of yore, and Beth Castro's magnificent croissants are a chocolate-drizzled crown on this textbook example of Rockwellian Americana. If you have the self-restraint required to stop by and leave with merely an armful of the golden, freshly-baked pastries, we'll be impressed. Leave without a Whoopie Pie? We'll be a little disappointed, but still impressed.

Highland Bakery
Made in-house from scratch – all day every day, these guys know how to make some baked goods that are just downright delectable. Although their plain croissants are often bulk ordered and in high-demand, we recommend the strawberry cream cheese croissant. Best when served hot for that mouth watering moment when the cream cheese and fresh strawberry preserves melt in your mouth with each flaky morsel. Yum!