Well, folks – the passing of the summer solstice has made us face it:, we’re amidst another sweltering, humid Georgian summer. And, with it comes a sharp rise in reasons to take a break from going out into the hot, hot heat. We don’t blame ya, one can only endure so much sun burn and mosquito bites. But if we’re going to spend our evening indoors basking in the modern glory known as air conditioning, we’re doing it in style — preferably with a horde of snacks and actors of varying degrees of believability. In other words: movie night!

But just because we're hunkering down indoors doesn't mean we have to do so with yet another bag of stale Jiffy Pop. Happily, plenty of local purveyors offer up popcorn, sweets and other provisions perfect for a movie night. Thus, we've pulled together a quick list of hip Atlanta spots to help make your night in a memorable (and munchable) one:

Let us begin with a film favorite: popcorn. Gone are the days when this lightweight snack came prepared in a mere handful of ways. Plain and buttered have been surpassed by creative flavor amalgamations such as Caja Popcorn's Spicy BBQ Popcorn. Who needs to fire up the grill when we’ve got our summer BBQ fix in our popcorn bowl? If that doesn’t get you poppin their June flavor of the month, Sweet Onion and Brown Butter, just might do the trick. Or perhaps you’d prefer to satisfy the ole sweet tooth with their Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn. Or ya know, try all three. (We don’t judge.)

Since steamed-up starches aren't for everyone, we also scouted out a few confection destinations for sweet teeth to sink into. Greene's Fine Foods in Decatur has a certifiably fine collection of chocolate covered confections. Oreos, potato chips, gummi bears, nuts — if it can be dunked in chocolate, chances are they've got it. Greene's also offers a number of other guilty pleasures, including fudge, cocoa-free candy and a somewhat surprising growler display. Ice-cream cocktail cravers can pick up a pint of the good stuff at Savi Urban Market, which stocks Frozen Pints beer-infused flavors, as well as the hard liquor licks from High Road. That ought’a cool us down a bit!

While munchies make the movie world go 'round, any movie night wouldn't be complete without, well, movies. Skip the digital download and hit up Videodrome for real live rentals ranging from obscure obsessions to blockbuster hits. The indie video store has been a Poncey-Highland fixture since '98, and with a collection of over 15,000 titles from campy '70s horror to the entire Kevin Smith oeuvre, there's quite literally something for everyone on the shelves. In short: Redbox ain't got nothin' on these guys. Snag a deal while you’re there!

On the prowl for more summer blockbuster candy clusters or want to toss in a few of your own? Send us a nice note.

Scoutmob Local Editorial Intern Brittany Maher is a self-proclaimed word nerd, coffee connoisseur and lover of all things comedy. Currently a senior at Kennesaw State University, Brittany is Editor-in-Chief of her university’s student run newspaper, The Sentinel. She has infinite knowledge of 90’s sitcoms and will almost always beat you in Scrabble.