Beer and coffee – some of the most popular drinks among, well... everyone. Except youngins, of course. (They can stick to their Hi-C’s.) Taproom Coffee owner Jonathan Pascual had the right idea by offering up both – and even pairing them together. After setting up coffee shops for different companies – including manning the helm of Empire State South’s coffee program and attending Octane latté competitions – he felt the urge to open a brew hub of his own. So, In March 2014, Pascual held a Kickstarter for his brilliant idea and hit his goal within a few days. The interesting concept went to earn more than the pledge goal. Thusly, Taproom was born.

Currently set up in Kirkwood, the coffee shop boasts a full service bar, communal tables and beautiful lighting. The baristas are all certified, meaning they know their stuff — including how to make beautiful latté art. And with food from Mae’s Bakery and XK Macarons, a constant rotation of beers and wines and some seriously dreamy decor, we’re liable to spend your whole afternoon there. (It’s easily done.)

We talked to Taproom Coffee about what you should check out if you stop by their beautiful coffee shop for the first time.

Manual Pour-over coffee - Sounds simple enough – it’s a 16 oz. pour-over drip brewed with Counter Culture Coffees. Check the daily menu for different offerings, served on a wooden tray with a vintage mug. Have some space in that wooden tray? Add a few XK macarons or a treat from Mae’s Bakery.

Frozen Pints beer float - A scoop of local Frozen Pints Vanilla Bock craft beer ice cream in a pint of the porter or stout that they have on tap – sounds pretty dreamy, don’t it? Currently, they’ve got the bold and aromatic Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter. Add a spinach, mushroom and feta quiche to the order? Now that’s a recipe for a success of a day.

Ups and Downs- A double shot of espresso served side-by-side with a 5 oz. tasting pour of a draft beer. Their current suggested beer for this pairing is the Wild Heaven Eschaton. Pair the Ups and Downs with one of the mouthwatering charcuterie boards – which sports goodies from their Kirkwood kin, the Spotted Trotter. (Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.)

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