It’s no secret – we’ve been a bit smitten with Kirkwood’s boutique charcuterie since they first opened up shop off of Hosea L. Williams Drive. And how could we not be? It’s virtually impossible to resist our carnivorous instincts when we peruse their weekly, rotating menu: dry-aged rib eyes, Creole smoked whole chickens, Pork Rillettes with herb butter and Calabrian Chili Pancetta – all prepared “the right way.” (By which we mean, sourced straight from farmers who treat their animals ethically.) So the thought of Chef Kevin Outzts expanding his efforts to a restaurant of his own? Our mouths are watering already. (Pardon our drool.)

But Chef Kevin and his wife, Megan, need a bit of a helping hand. Their aim is to open up a second location for the Spotted Trotter and a restaurant of their very own in the ever-so-hyped Krog St. Market in Inman Park, and – as tradition – they want to do so without the assistance of seed money, venture capitalists or wealthy investors. But the final bit of funding that they need? Well, they’re looking for some assistance straight from the community itself. And with nine days left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, time is really ticking. So, Atlanta – you know what to do.