At long last, Asha Gomez’s Spice to Table is open and offering up a feast of delightful delicacies for breakfast and lunch every day of the week. And you know what that means – time to bust out our favorite pair of stretchy pants and mosey on down to Studioplex. “I’m hoping to bring spice to the American palette by introducing them in some pretty familiar forms.” Asha tells us. “These are savory pastries that will look familiar... but are filled with traditional Indian flavor. Not everything will be overtly sweet.”

The market, which is opening less than a week following the closing of Gomez's much beloved Cardamom Hill, boasts a cozy and congenial atmosphere, completely void of pomp and circumstance. (We're already daydreaming about catching up with old friends over a piping hot cup of chai come Autumn.) The venue provides Asha and her neighborly team to continually experiment in the kitchen, as well as introduce some more traditional and beloved recipes to the public. “I think my favorite thing on the menu is Amma’s Carrot Cake.” Gomez told us (and then promptly served us a delicious slice – which we hoovered). It’s a cake that Gomez grew up loving – her mother’s own recipe. And lucky for us it’ll be a Spice to Table staple, readily available in the market daily. (Which is great, because we’re already craving another serving.)

Along with Amma’s Carrot Cake, patrons can expect some regularly rotating riffs on breakfast and lunch classics. For instance, every day they’ll be serving up fresh and filling portions of spiced oatmeal, which will be served up with ever-changing spiced creams, sauces and seasonal fruits. (We hear they’re kicking it off with a decadent combo of apricots, dates and spiced cream – yum.) There will also be savory bread puddings, piping hot and freshly made chai, baked samosa pockets (one vegetarian and one meat variety, daily – so everyone is happy), two varieties of sandwiches, pies, cakes, quiches, and stuffed breads. Some of the sandwiches they’re cooking up? Think lamb kebab rolls with cipollini onions or tandoori chicken and dill served up on fresh hoagies. And pie-wise – we can’t get enough of what she’s baking. (Try a bite of the peach and crushed red chili pie and tell us you don’t agree.)

The market, which is cozily nestled into a corner spot of Studioplex, is just a short stroll from the Beltline and the ever-approaching Krog Street Market. (Meaning you’ll have a hard time convincing us that there’s any need to stray from the corner of Krog and Irwin anytime soon.) We’re already enamored with the warm and inviting environs of the space. And the welcoming scents of cardamom, clove and cinnamon in the air? Well, we’d nestle there all day long if we could.

Want to stop by and see for yourself? Spice to Table is located in Studioplex at 659 Auburn Ave. NE, Suite 503 (Old Fourth Ward). Keep up with them on Facebook.

Tuesday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.