Sure, our favorite pair of jeans or leather jacket certainly can give us a confidence boost, but do they make us feel powerful? A wearable confidence booster isn't something that crosses our path every day, at least – not until So Worth Loving came along. Started up by the always stylish Eryn Eddy Erickson, So Worth Loving spreads the love with their cute tees and empowering manifesto — to encourage others to love themselves. Which makes them, well, pretty lovable in our book.

Eryn had been doing the ol’ 9-5 plus making music for a while with the same empowering message. At one point, via Tumblr as usual, she asked her fans to send in t-shirts for her to spray paint. “I started buying stencils and spray paint from my craft room and I just started spray painting shirts that said, ‘So Worth Loving,’ said Eryn. “Then I started my blog on Tumblr where I gave my home address and I asked everyone to send me their shirts so I could spray paint ‘So Worth Loving’ on them for free. I just wanted people to wear this message and start a conversation about why they felt unworthy of love. It was so crazy for me at the time, the lack of people that knew that they had value and that they were worth loving.”

Since her humble Tumblr days, she’s been busy nurturing So Worth Loving into a full-blown business, producing t-shirts and other SWL products for the better part of three years. Most of the products are produced here in the U.S. with cotton blends and 100% cotton soft tees. All the printing is done locally, too – by the good folks at Dangerpress. “I love Danger Press. They’ve always said, ‘We are a team!’ They’ve been really involved in helping us develop as a company, which has been really cool.” (Sounds like they’ve got the right spirit to us.)

When she’s not out and about around town or jet-setting around the country, you can often find Eryn in her Cabbagetown office space, where the So Worth Loving team fulfills their orders. The spots around town she loves the most? “I think Atlanta is the hub for small businesses that are just blooming. My favorite hangout spot is Taproom Coffee, where I can put my headphones on and not distract my team with other ideas. I love Holy Taco in East Atlanta.That’s where I live, so I love how it’s starting to transform and there are a lot of creatives moving in. I feel like it’s unknown, almost like a little secret.”

Currently, So Worth Loving is doing a collab with the Giving Keys – a company with a very unique message and product. The idea? Sport a key necklace until you feel empowered – then you pass it on to a friend. Think of it as a wearable chain-letter. (Hey, remember those?)

For those more concerned with school going back into session, they’re also releasing a pretty sweet leather backpack. “We partnered up with a company in Washington called Black Anchor. I got the prototype and I love it. It fits your standard laptop and a journal. It’s a trendy backpack that’s made from scratch.” Sounds like the kind of thing we’d like to sport around town to us.

Scoutmob contributor Muriel Vega is a lifetime resident of ATL and full-time authorian legend, as well as a pie enthusiast. She has a dog that may be a meme and really loves to travel. You can read more of her work at the website that she co-edits, Common Creativ ATL.