We feel like we might regret sharing this information with you. You see, if there’s one thing Atlanta is not wanting in, it’s coffee shops. We’ve got quite an artillery of caffeine hubs in these parts – we’ve told you all about 'em over the years. What we haven’t let you in on? The places we hole up in to actually be productive. Because, you know, there’s a big difference between the stops where we go to see and be seen and the places where we retreat to when all we want in the world is to be left alone and to have constant, friendly access to caffeine. Here are our five favorite stops to actually hunker down and take care of business.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – we just can’t get enough of this space. But there’s a good reason we keep going on and on about it. Not only is the coffee high-caliber, but the atmosphere is bright, cheerful and all-around dreamy. It instills us with hefty dose of optimism that overcomes the looming shadow of all deadlines and heavy workloads. (Plus, that gorgeous communal table is just perfect for spreading out upon.)

Café Jonah
This may be the least Buckheady of Buckhead stops, and we attribute that to the magic that is Jenny. Souper Jenny’s brother café is a perfect and quaint hiding hole – complete with fresh eats, a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, and – yup – even a psychic or two in the Magical Attic. (There’s nothing like taking a break to talk to a medium who will tell you all about your dreamy life after you knock out that behemoth project.)

Park Grounds
It’s a spot where we can get work done and let Bingo work out all of his excess energy – it’s a total win-win. (Plus, starting the day with an R-Town never fails to cure what ails us.)

Chattahoochee Coffee Company
Heaven is a place on earth and it’s right off the banks of the Chattahoochee. Yup, this Vinings hiding hole is a place where we can set up camp without the aid of headphones, because the therapeutic sounds of our beloved Chattahoochee is there to calm us. The place looks like a mountain lodge, folks. What we’re trying to say is: an afternoon here is therapy.

Hodgepodge Coffee House and Gallery
In another life, this adorable East Atlanta hub was an auto garage. In coffee shops terms that translates to: Lots. Of. Space. Plus, the good folks behind the space consider themselves quite the celebrants of creativity – making it the perfect locale to hammer out the details of a collaborative project, or just finally knock-out that book you’ve been hammering away at for a decade and a half.