Yesterday local arts and social-change advocate, WonderRoot, made a big announcement: They’re moving! More specifically, the non-profit formally announced the WonderRoot Center for Art and Social change, which will be housed in the former John F. Faith Elementary schoolhouse at 1043 Memorial Drive, just down the street from the Reynoldstown home that the organization currently occupies. In light of this big announcement, we touched base with the organization to dig up some detials about the space that WonderRoot plans to call home.

The school was originally built in 1922 as John F. Faith Elementary. Though most of us know it a little better as Atlanta Tech High Public Charter School, whose last graduating class was in 2012. (You may also remember it as C.D. Hubert Elementary, a name it was given back in 1963.)

The school is a scant 200 yards away from WonderRoot’s current location, where they’ve been for the past 7 years, and a mere 2 blocks away from our beloved Atlanta BeltLine. (Oh, and also notably a convenient 300 yards away from one of Homegrown's famed Comfy Chicken Biscuits, in case you were wondering.)

WonderRoot plans to raise $2.8 million for their capitol campaign to transform the former classrooms of the school into artist studios. They plan to have 45+ of those studios available for rent at $1.50/sq. ft.

The ceilings of those artist studios? They’re 14 feet high.

The school is situated upon 8 acres. (Think we can peer pressure WonderRoot into hosting a Field Day or two? Let’s find out.)

WonderRoot has signed a 20 year agreement with Atlanta Public Schools for the space. (Yup, a whole score.)

Overall WonderRoot will have 54,000 square feet at their disposal, which is about 14 times more space than ever before.

Image used courtesy of WonderRoot.