Summer is a busy season of BBQs, outdoor parties, drinking all the things and eating, well...all the things. (Why, exactly, is this swimsuit season?) As fall approaches and we go into hibernation mode, there’s no time like now to treat yourself and well, treat your body. After all, that body rode bikes for days on-end at the BeltLine, swam tons of laps at pool parties and walked to every single new Living Walls wall – right? It’s time to give it a little break and reward it for being so darn awesome.

Here are three ways to hit the reset button and best of all — all with local folks.

Juice it up
Just because you don’t want to do a 3-day juice-only detox, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump on the juicing band wagon. With local joints like Arden’s Garden, dtox Juice, Rawesome Juicery, and Kale Me Crazy, picking up a bottle full of nutrients has never been so easy. So pack up the vitamins and let your body recoup its energy from too many sun-filled days.

Stretch it out
Help your body reset by stretching out those joints with an hour of much needed savasanas. Grab your mat, head over to Tough Love Yoga, Sacred Thread Yoga or your favorite studio and downward dog your way out of that hangover. (We swear – sweating it out releases those toxins from all the summer fun and leaves you feeling ready for the next season.)

Relax your summer away
Feel like all those hikes, lake swims, roller coaster rides and camping in the wilderness left you a little tense, take a mental health day. May we recommend an hour of floating in a saltwater pod? Or maybe just a regular ol’ massage at Jazmin Spa? (Trust us, you deserve it.)

Scoutmob contributor Muriel Vega is a lifetime resident of ATL and full-time authorian legend, as well as a pie enthusiast. She has a dog that may be a meme and really loves to travel. You can read more of her work at the website that she co-edits, Common Creativ ATL.