For many, the idea of shopping organic can sound like quite the undertaking – especially for those of us who are a bit budget-savvy. Luckily for us Wholesome Wave Georgia exists. Their mission? To help us Georgians have easier (and more affordable) access to locally grown food, and raising awareness of local farmer’s markets. With their help we’re able to eat healthy – no matter how much we’re pinching pennies (elevating them to honorary super hero status in our minds).

How’s it work? Formerly known as The Food Stamp Program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) offers nutrition assistance low-income individuals and families. Then Wholesome Wave Georgia swoops in and doubles each SNAP dollar spent at partnered markets. (Oh snap!) With a network of 25 local markets across the state, SNAP recipients have much easier access to use their SNAP dollars on locally grown provisions instead of … you know, other stuff. In doing this they help: 1. individual folks eat healthy 2. local farmers and 3. the local economy! (Told you they’re super heroes.)

Feel like throwing them a party? You’re not alone. On Sunday, September 7th at 3 p.m. quite a roster of Atlanta chefs will be gathering at The Inn at Serenbe for the 5th Annual Southern Chefs Potluck. That’s right – a potluck. Meaning the chefs themselves won’t be busied behind the scenes for once. Instead, they’ll be dining family with us normals, each of ‘em towing along a side dish and some homemade pickles. “At most events, the chefs are working and hustling about preparing their creations or there are just too many people to have a few moments of their time. By the start of this event, they have a drink in their hand and are approachable and willing to chat about what's cooking in their world.” Rob Preiditsch, of Vignette Cellars and long-time supporter of the potluck, dished. And with a line-up of 27 chefs on the roster, including Anne Quatrano, Kevin Outzts, Angus Brown and Asha Gomez, there will certainly be plenty to talk about (that is if you can coerce yourself to take a break from eating all of the delicious food they’ll be bringing along). It’ll be a flavorful day of food, fellowship, froth (local beers and wines will be poured, naturally), and festivities.

The most exciting part of the evening, though, will undoubtedly be the live auction. What’ll be up for grabs? For those who feel like taking a break from the kitchen, we suggest you bid on the Year of Dining – because with this package the only thing you’ll be making for the next 365 days are reservations. The package includes a dozen dining experiences from notable places like Star Provisions, the General Muir, H Harper Station, Miller Union. For those with a need to imbibe, we direct your attention to the Cocktail Party Extravaganza – which is literally a cocktail party for you and your closests – (eighty of your closests). It'll be an evening staffed by the best Mixologists Atlanta’s got, including Paul Calvert, Miles Macquarrie and Greg Best, and hors d’oevres from some serious pop-up chef talent. For those who want the best of both worlds, the Atlanta Culinary Ticket will get you a pair of tickets to some of Atlanta’s most popular food events, including the High Museum Wine Auction, Taste of Atlanta, Sunday Supper South, and next year's Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival. What can we say? With items like these up for grabs benefitting such a great organization – we certainly hope you’ve got your bidding hands ready to fly.

Hungry yet? You can snag yourself a ticket here.

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