If you’re like us, you started daydreaming about this Halloween as soon as you took off last year’s costume. And now, as the mercury (albeit slowly) drops, and the leaves start to turn, we can already feel ourselves bubbling in anticipation of All Hallow’s Eve. So we’re here to tell you, dear reader, that we’ve got your Halloween plans in the proverbial treat bag. Yup, the  annual Goat Farm + Scoutmob spectacle is returning – and though we’re not going to show you our entire bag of tricks, we’re excited to tell you some of what we’ve got in store.

For those who missed out last year and the year before (maybe even the year before that?) – you've certainly caught wind of the whispers. Visions of experimental musical performances, ethereal art installations and a damn fine dance party or two (not to mention a 12-ft astronaut puppet walking among and above the bacchanal) have likely been circling your head ever since you first heard mutterings about this annual festivity of fright. And since this year we get to host our celebrations on the actual holiday of Halloween, we’re upping the ante more than ever before.

  It may be hard to believe, but this year’s All Hallow’s Eve celebration is going to leave those other three lonely and befuddled, in the proverbial dust. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, per-se – we’re just planning to make some hefty modifications to it. And who better to enlist with assistance on such an undertaking of engineering than the talented brains from the bayou of New Orleans Airlift and their partners in crime – Sonic Generator’s Executive Director Jason Freeman and a talented group of architecture, human-computer interaction, and music students from the Georgia Institute of Technology? The combined powers of these industrial and arts-minded all stars plan to completely transform a major section of the Goat Farm into a completely immersive piece of musical architecture. If you’re having a hard time imagining what they could possibly do to improve upon the farm, allow us to entice you with a sampling of New Orleans Airlift projects past…

And of course, that’s only the first of many mind-bending art installations and transformational musical performances we're ready to announce. The talented folks of NYC-based Video Meth Lab are offering up their own original brand of ethereal and haunting digital displays. If that doesn’t get you into the spirit, musical performances from Rex Hussman and theatre installation Jungol will assuredly do the trick.

"But what of the libations?" you ask, rightfully concerned. But you needn't fear, with Terrapin in our corner, we’ve gotcha covered. Some of Atlanta’s best food trucks will be joining in on the celebrations too.

Remember, this is just the start of things, friends – we’re still tinkering and scheming away in our laboratory, and we haven’t even announced our headliners yet. Just make sure to mark your calendars to join us at the Goatfarm on Halloween, Friday, October 31st – tickets will go on sale soon, and we’ll unveil more as the date draws near.