We’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeve: a tall pot of coffee, thick as tar. A ten-mile run. (Yeah, right.) A mysterious gut-wrenching elixir involving raw egg, several leafy greens and some citrus juice. But sometimes – despite our brains aching beyond our skull’s capacity – the only thing to cure what ails us involves adventuring out into the great-wide-open. Luckily for you, dear Scout, we’ve garnered quite a boatload of hangover savvy in our time eating and imbibing around the city. Which is why we’ve compiled this handy-dandy list of our tried and true Atlantan hangover cures for you.

A Grand Slam at Arden’s Garden
First and foremost, whatever neighborhood you’re hanging in – get thyself to the nearest Arden’s Garden. Order yourself a Grand Slam. Patiently wait and try not to grind your teeth in agony from your headache while they prepare your five shots. (First-timers may want to request a pineapple chaser.)

Pancakes at Ria’s
A classic go-to about town, Ria’s famous liquor-absorbing, award-winning pancakes are tried and true. If our decrepit, dehydrated selves can bear the lines – there’s simply nothing that can beat those golden fluffy medallions of goodness, slathered in syrup. Plus, filling our belly with ‘em tends to put us in a mighty fine food coma, which is okay with us – since we’re sure not to wake up from it until our brains have had a chance to clear up properly.

Bandeja Paisa at La Casona
We first encountered this Colombian hideaway, and its face-melting aguadiente (perfect for a little hair of the dog action!), on our epic quest up and down Buford Highway. Ever since, we've turned to La Casona's mighty bandeja paisa to cure our alcohol-induced ailments. Piled high with rice, beans, chicharrones, steak, plantains, avocado, house-made chorizo and a fried egg, this bad boy represents all the food groups that matter… and makes your Waffle House go-to look like a SlimFast shake. (No offence, neon yellow eggs.)

The Comfy Chicken Biscuit at Homegrown
Ah, the Comfy Chicken Biscuit. Perhaps no other Atlantan breakfast concoction has proven itself quite as legendary. The concept is simple enough – it's an open-faced, fried chicken breast sandwich served over a homemade biscuit and slathered with delicious, fresh sausage gravy. But there's something about the perfect combination of seasonings in the chicken's crisp, golden breading that makes us suspect that we've stumbled upon a little slice o' heaven with every bite we take. It's so inspiring, in fact, that we're often obliged to eat a whole fixing in one sitting (only to immediately return to for seconds).

Anything at R. Thomas
There’s nothing quite like hitting up the good-for-you goods at R. Thomas amidst a hangover haze. Here is a place where we can really kill two birds with one stone: score ourselves a healthy, organic smoothie and slurp it down alongside a delicious burger with chunky home fries. Nope – can't turn that down.

Lobster Benedict at Goin’ Coastal
They say if you give a man a fish, you've fed him for today. But if you teach a man to use the bounty of the sea to cure what ails him, the then you've fed him for, well... until his next hangover. It’s exactly what we’re all about here at Scoutmob, which is why we’re paying it forward by telling you all about the magic they’re shelling out at Goin’ Coastal. Decadent. Buttery. Rich. Warming – the Lobster Benedict is all that and then some. It’s precisely the kind of basic education we can get behind.

Chef Tracy’s Souixie at Bad Dog’s Brunch
Okay, we told you this dish’s proper name, but the folks in-the-know lovingly refer to it as, “the ultimate hangover quencher.” This unbeatable combination of house-cured bacon, sausage, eggs, Tracy’s menage-a-trois potatoes, and a biscuit and gravy served with chicken sausage will get you humming along in no-time. Oh, and pro-tip: why not score yourself some hair-of-the-dog action?

A Bagel with Cream Cheese at Oakhurst Market
This may be one of our best kept secrets. We’re not sure what is about this quaint neighborhood grocer, but they have a mighty fine manner of spreading the perfect amount of schmear atop our freshly toasted and crispy bagel. These folks nail it every time.

Got a hangover cure of your own to share? Tell us about it.