When we tell you we’ve found a new biker hangout, we’re guessing you don’t imagine a group of motorcycle enthusiasts sipping at espresso and perusing coffee table books leisurely. (You probably imagine something a bit more like this.) But East Atlanta’s Brother Moto is kicking our roughrider stereotypes to the curb by combining custom motorcycles and latte art under one roof –the brick and mortar manifestation of their mission to make a haven for the “motocurious.”

Not a complete departure from New York City’s Jane Motorcycles and Portland’s See See Motorcycles, Brother Moto’s space will give motorcyclists space and tools to work, maintain and improve their bikes in the spot’s garage. Their three levels of membership – Club, Weekender and Partner – each come with varying access and perks to the shop (Like free coffee! And tool access! And some really rad swag). They'll also sport a coffeeshop (because the motorcycles aren’t the only thing in need of fuel). The shared space will also give the motorcycle-less a chance to become better acquainted with the community, and – let’s be honest – it’ll probably result in a few newbs scoring some bikes of their own.

The gents behind Brother Moto, Bobby Russell, Jared Erickson, and Brandon Turner, have spent the past year cultivating quite a, err… gang (but not this kind of gang) of motorcyclists around town, such as Twosdays at Victory Sandwich Bar , which take place the second Tuesday of every month. We caught up with the team to hear a bit more about what we can expect from their new space.

Scout: So! You've got a space! Tell us a bit about what the built-out process has been like?
Brother Moto: The build out process has been honestly a dream. It has been really encouraging how much support we have received from our neighbors in East Atlanta as well as from the community at large. All of the people donating time, energy and supplies has been really humbling. 

Scout: What can people anticipate when they visit your brick & mortar – with a motorcycle and without?
Brother Moto: Our whole concept is to be a place that welcomes those we are championing as the moto-curious. We want Brother Moto to be a place where if you have been riding a bike your whole life you feel right at home, but also a place for those who just think Bikes are interesting can come and ask questions, and grab a cup of coffee. After all, if you feel intimidated coming by the space for any reason, you can always say you just wanted some coffee and you can ask us questions disguised under that ruse.

Scout: Are Twosdays at Victory going to keep being a thing?
Brother Moto: We love Victory and will keep doing the event so long as Ian lets us. Victory and the crew there have been way too kind to us and helped out behind the scenes more than anyone will ever know. 

Scout: Planning to host any events of your own?
Brother Moto: We are going to start also hosting a lot of our own events. Some for members, but a lot of open ones for the community as well. Our Launch Party will be on the 28th, but beyond this  we have some really fun events in the works for the warmer months ahead. 

Scout: Tell us a little about your coffee program?
Brother Moto: We love coffee a lot and are currently in talks with a few roasters to come in from out of state to help us set up a really really really strong program. I don't want to spill the beans ( pun intended ? ) on this as of yet, but in April we have some meetings we feel like are going to go really strongly. Think pocket Espresso bar. You can come and hang out and have coffee like your other favorite Atlanta staples, but it might be a bit louder with motorcycles coming in and out.

Fancy yourself one of the motocurious? Give Brother Moto a warm welcome at their launch party this Saturday, February 28 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Expect door prizes, high-quality hangs, beer from Three Taverns , and a CX1 giveaway. You can find ‘em at 530 Flat Shoals Ave. SE in East Atlanta.