Blame it on celeb influence (we’re looking at you, Jared Leto) or just the South’s sizzling temperatures, but it’s clear that man-buns (see also: top knots) are having a moment around ATL. For proof, look no further than this crop of dapper dudes who sport this slicked-back hairstyle on the reg.

Nick Carse
We first laid eyes upon this top-notch top knot during a King of Pops outdoor yoga session in O4W. While he and brother Steven may be the reigning kings of frozen treats in ATL and beyond, we’re appointing this CFO as a member of man-bun royalty in his own right. (Photo by Manoela Muraro)

Tribble Reese
Speaking of kings, it’s safe to consider this steely-eyed model/host/bartender as ruler of the Buckhead bar scene. If you’ve lost him in a crowd while downing summer cocktails on the latest buzzing outdoor patio, just look for his signature up-do.

Gavin Bernard
As co-founder of interior design firm Grafite and product design company Wake Up Dear (along with a spot in the sketch-comedy group Redding Hill), this dude-about-town keeps busy. Luckily, he finds time to perfect his sizeable—and signature, at this point—hairstyle before being spotted at art-centric happenings around town.

Collin Pierce
Working as a web designer-slash-sandwich slinger at West Egg Café takes focus—luckily, Pierce’s pulled-back coif lets him keep his eyes on the prize (the prize being the fried-chicken biscuits from West Egg’s Oddbird pop-up nights, to be exact, simply delectable in our book).

Michael Saba
This yoga teacher and writer keeps it clean with a high-and-tight bun style that’s short on the sides and also complements his meticulously groomed facial hair. Nama-stay fly, Saba.

Andrew Sutton
A relatively new Atlantan, this barista/retailer/musician is already turning heads around town thanks to his sizeable man-bun and beard combo paired with a serious sense of style. (Photo by Chrome Yellow Trading Co.)

Shawn Deangelo Walton
By day we may know him as the persona behind WeCycle Atlanta, but bicycles aren’t the only thing Shawn is getting into gear. His top-knot? It’s top-notch. Now, why not show your support of Shawn (and WeCycle) by paying it forward to the incredibly noble Indiegogo campaign they’ve got underway? (*wink-nudge-wink*)

Dr. Kevin Little
When it comes to man buns, we’ve got a strict “no scrubs” policy. (Y’know, in the TLC sense.) This, of course, does not apply to the top-knot belonging to Dr. Little, who sports his coif in an up-do out of necessity. (As it turns out, it’s kind of difficult to do doctorly things with hair in your face.) Little did he know his up-do would make our hearts race palpitate – in a medicinally safe way. (Photo by Wyatt Roscoe.)

Caroline Cox is a writer and editor in Atlanta. She works at four glossy print magazines and co-runs the local arts website CommonCreativATL. Follow her on Twitter at @CarolineCox because she’s funny and "Roses" by OutKast is about her.