With neighborhood CSAs and farmers markets aplenty, Atlanta has fresh, local produce on lock. But leave to Atlanta-based newcomers Local Roots to make loading up on a delicious harvest easier than you ever dreamed. With a few deft keystrokes, you can use this app to order any number of produce and goods (think handmade soaps, cold-pressed juices and more) and get it delivered directly to your door. It’s basically like Tinder for fruits, veggies, et al – except that it’s always delicious and there’s no chance you’ll ever swipe left. We sat down with Local Roots’ Marketing Manager Lindsay Marles to get the scoop on the app that is shifting the focus from farm to table to farm to your front door.

Local Scout: According to your Twitter page, Local Roots launched on March 16 of this year – what's the response been?
Yes, we launched in Buckhead and Midtown on March 16. We’ve since expanded to 11 more neighborhoods and we’ll be announcing our next neighborhood shortly. The response from both consumers and the farmers/artisans has been awesome! We’re essentially giving consumers a farmers market in their pocket while also providing new revenue streams for local food producers.

How did Local Roots come about?
Doug Callahan, our founder, had been wrestling for years to try to figure out how to encourage consumers to take control of their basic needs (such as food, water, and shelter). He decided to try to tackle food first and find ways to get the food supply as close to consumers as possible. The challenge, of course, is that we don’t grow and create enough locally anymore - we’re still far too reliant on Big Ag growing in California, Mexico, and Chile.

So he wanted to try to find a way to connect consumers directly with local growers. However, he needed to find a financial model that was so enticing that it really encouraged new local, micro-farmers to enter the market. We think that we’ve done that with Local Roots.

It sounds super nifty – how do we go about using it?
Our goal from the beginning was to design an app that was beautiful and simple. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can download the app from the App store (we’ll be launching an Android app later this year or in early 2016). Once its downloaded, simply input your delivery address and it will show you the farms and artisans available in your area. You order and pay within the app and the farms/artisans will deliver it right to your door.

What are your future plans for Local Roots?
Things are moving quickly and we couldn’t be more excited. We plan to expand to the broader Atlanta market throughout the rest of spring 2015 and focus on national expansion in 2016. We are always looking for new farms and artisans, so definitely let us know if you or someone you know is interested in joining our marketplace.

Appalachian born and bred, Brook Bolen is a freelance writer whose interests include pitbulls and toddlers (especially her own). She is routinely shocked to discover more people don't count cornbread and beans as their favorite meal and can't understand why a mashup of YoGabaGaba and Run the Jewels doesn't exist. Brook tweets infrequently at @BrookBolen.