From classes at Preserving Place and The Homestead Atlanta to workshops at spots like General Assembly and WonderRoot, ATL has myriad options for locals looking to hone a skill or try out a new hobby. The latest on that roster comes from ceramics artist Katie Troisi. Katie has recently been making a name for herself in Atlanta’s art scene through exhibitions at reputable venues such as Kavarna, Whitespace Gallery, Mammal Gallery, and last year’s inaugural Phoenix Fest.

“I did a little bit of one-on-one teaching and coaching when I was in college, and I knew that it was something I'd like to pursue again after graduation,” Troisi explains. She saw a lack of these types of tutorial sessions being offered and felt she had the prowess and resources to make it work. Just this April, she snagged some studio space at Westside’s The Goat Farm Arts Center and has wasted no time in churning out a slew of new vases and vessels, along with offering ceramic crafting classes.

As someone with minimal (but existing) experience with ceramics via a semester-long class in high school, I signed up for one of Troisi’s sessions a few weeks back. While she makes the process look easier than it is (read as: much easier), I have found her to be a patient and thorough teacher while helping me craft my own little masterpiece. Starting with a shapeless lump of clay (sourced locally from Stone Mountain), she guided me through the steps of forming a crude bowl and smoothing it out on the pottery wheel. We then moved to trimming and perfecting the piece's consistency to survive the super-hot kiln firing process. I just glazed my piece last week and can’t wait to see the final result.

Katie is currently averaging about one student per week at all age and experience levels. Whether you want to expand your artistic skill set or you're just curious if you have a knack for this ceramics thing, Troisi’s one-on-one sessions are perfect to help you learn and create at your own pace. You'll get a firsthand look at the full process, with plenty of insight and instruction along the way. Expect about a month’s time between your first class and picking up your finished piece.

Pro-tip: all of the glazes Katie uses are food safe, so... coffee mug? Ice cream bowl? Candy dish? The (tasty) possibilities are endless.

Katie's sessions currently run $55 per student. Interested? Shoot her an e-mail: And tell her Scoutmob sent ya.

Caroline Cox is a writer and editor in Atlanta. She works at four glossy print magazines and co-runs the local arts website CommonCreativATL. Follow her on Twitter at @CarolineCox because she’s funny and "Roses" by OutKast is about her.