One of our favorite things abut Atlanta is the fact that it's always got a surprise for us- sometimes it's huge, and sometimes it's a tiny detail in the city's smallest of corners. So you can imagine our excitement when we found @atl_bucketlist on Instagram and immediately started drooling over every single snapshot.

We sat down with Alyssa Fagien, the eyes behind the camera and found out what it takes to capture everything that makes Atlanta so dang wonderful.

The Atlanta mural at the Humane Society

What was your inspiration for the Instagram account?

Well, I moved to Atlanta about a year ago (September 2014) and wanted to get to know my new city. I would check out local calendars like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zagat, Scoutmob - which are all awesome resources - to try to find out which places I needed to explore. And I've always had a love for social media, so I figured why not document my experiences on an Instagram account for Atlanta locals and visitors to see?

How long have you been bucket listing?

Well when I was a senior at UF, (Go Gators! Sorry Bulldogs.) one of my best friends and I made a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do before we graduated. (And yes, this bucket list consisted mostly of food, too.) But ATL Bucket List was launched in March of 2015.

How do you decide where/what to feature?

I wish I had a cool method to share with you, but it's all kind of random! I guess it's a mixture of word of mouth, online research and personal interest. And I do get a few occasional suggestions from my followers. So if you have any suggestions for places you think should be featured on ATL Bucket List, use the hashtag #atlbucketlist and let me know!

Revolutionary, indeed.

What’s your favorite thing about ATL that no one knows about?

So I can't say it's something that nobody knows about, but I think something that more people should know about is the extent of the Atlanta Beltline. The Eastside Trail is widely-known among the Atlanta community, but there are actually four different trails (and a few smaller trails called "interim hiking trails") that so many people are unaware of. I absolutely love this project and can't wait to see the final product. It's exciting to see people all around Atlanta getting outside and being more active, and I think the Beltline plays a huge part in this.

How long is the actual bucket list?

Never ending! But really, I have this long list on my phone and it seems like every time I cross something off I add seven more. It's funny, a few months into launching ATL Bucket List I wondered if I'd exhaust my "bucket list" too soon. But now I just laugh when I think about it. The ATL Bucket List is endless. There are so many restaurants, events and places to visit here.

What do you do when you're not taking photos of the coolest stuff in ATL?

When I'm not out adventuring Atlanta, I'm a marketing coordinator at a digital marketing agency in Buckhead. I guess you could say I have a thing for social media.

Delicious beverages at Park Tavern

Now that we have the serious business questions out of the way, we went a little more free-form...



Boxers or briefs?

Call me old fashioned, but boxers all the way.

Yoga or barre?

Yoga- especially when there's King of Pops involved!

Piedmont Park or O4W Park?

While O4W Park is beautiful, I have a soft spot for Piedmont Park. I'll never get sick of that view.

Brunch or day drunk for no particular reason?

Is both an option?

Doughnuts or cupcakes?

As much as I love me some Sublime or Revolution, I have to go with cupcakes.

How can folks get involved in the Bucket List love?

Well you can of course follow me on Instagram: @atl_bucketlist. But I also recently launched a website:! And depending on your social media preference, ATL Bucket List is also on Facebook and Twitter!

And while you're out exploring Atlanta, make sure to hashtag your photos with #atlbucketlist!