There’s nothing better than pizza. This is not an opinion, this is a fact, Scouts. When faced with a choice of food, and pizza’s involved, we'll always, always choose pizza. Without Fail. Every time.

Pizza is the perfect food- gooey and cheesy, with all the carbs we need for energy and toppings we can customize depending on our fitness goals. Meaty or veggie, we can’t really go wrong. And yes, we're quite fine deluding ourselves into thinking pizza is healthy.

So take a trip with us, dear reader, and explore the best pizzerias in the city. Then go get a slice. Or four.

Cameli’s Pizza, Little 5 Points
The only thing you need to know about Cameli’s is the monster slice- it’s 14 inches of crispy, thin-crusted goodness, piled high with as many toppings as you can imagine. Ok, we may have been a little hasty about that being the only thing you need to know. Cameli’s also has killer entrees like butternut squash ravioli, baked salmon and Italian beef stew, along with a rooftop patio that’s perfect for getting the Little 5 Points experience from up top.

Pizza Crosta, Sandy Springs
If science-backed pizza creations are your thing, head to Pizza Crosta. Wait. Science? What does that have to do with pizza? Well, getting the perfectly crispy-on-the-outside-tender-and-chewy-on-the-inside dough is a matter of chemistry, and Pizza Crosta has the formula down pat. They even test our patience by making the pizza sit all alone, by itself on a rack, for a minute after pulling it out of the oven- but all that loneliness is worth it because it helps the crust crisp up all perfectly.

Mojo Pizza and Pub, Oakhurst
While we’d never fault you for eating a whole pizza by yourself (We’ve all done it. Some of us even have plans to do it tonight.) there's no doubt that pizza is better with friends. This is where Mojo comes in- the pizza’s simple and delicious, but the atmosphere beckons us to stay for another beer and chat up our date, our pals, or even folks from the neighborhood who’ve bellied up to the bar in search of camaraderie, along with housemade sauce, homemade dough and a signature sesame seed crust.

Shorty’s, Toco Hills
Even music geeks are getting into the pizza action- you’ll get a kick out of the pizza menu here, which consists of pies named after rock ‘n’ roll greats, spanning the entire history of music from John Lee Hooker to Biggie Smalls. Meat lovers will probably go for the Sid Vicious, but the customer favorite is the meat and veggie loaded Diana Ross, which is the Shorty’s version of a supreme pizza (get it?).


It's all around us, Jen.