Here we are –  Santa's sleigh in hot pursuit of the season. Yup, the holidays hava alit, bringing with it not just viscous eggnog hangovers but also all the quality family time one could possibly stomach. As the out-of-town relatives head over the river and through the woods in your direction, it's important — nay, crucial — to equip yourself with a plan. And no, a hidden bottle of emergency Scotch does not count. Luckily, our fair city has plenty of ways to entertain everyone from your nosey aunt to your sullen tween niece. And not a single one of them includes the words "segway tour."

Embark on a Clue Town adventure.
Jay Carlson's intricately crafted scavenger hunt booklets are bound to bring out anyone's inner kid—because, let's be honest, you can't not feel like an intrepid scout when a compass is involved. Treat your family to the thrill of the hunt with a scavenger expedition in Piedmont Park, Oakland Cemetery or Downtown Decatur, all while exploring the city like you've never seen it before (and maybe learning a thing or two in the process).

Indulge your competitive streak with arcade games. (And maybe cocktails.)
If your posse of extended family includes youngins, attempting to entertain both the whippersnappers and the grown-ups without boring one of said age groups to tears (or surviving the hellscape of Chuck E. Cheese) can be daunting. Luckily, Game X's glorious 12,000-foot arcade playground has enough of a variety of games to appease everyone. Even your grandma, who's sure to be pleased as pie posted up at the 10'-tall Connect Four board with a cocktail in hand. (Why, yes, we did mention cocktails.) Nothing like unwinding from Quality Family Time with an adult beverage in one hand and a PacMan Smash mallet in the other.

Walk off the extra stuffing with a stroll down the Beltline's Eastside Trail.
Just over two miles length and lined with an impressive array of local artwork, the novelty of the Beltline's Eastside Trail has yet to wear off on us. And for good reason. In addition to giving pedestrians an opportunity to see an entire swath of the city from a totally new perspective, the Beltline also makes for an excellent way to at least pretend like you didn't just succumb to not one but two entire pies. (Though, with the amount of awesome eateries flanking the path, we couldn't blame you for sneaking an extra croissant/beer/cheese steak somewhere along the way.)

Explore scenic Serenbe from atop a trusty steed.
Setting foot inside the breathtaking environs of Serenbe, it's hard to believe you're only about 40 minutes south of the city. With its picturesque farmland, wooded trails and baby animals, the 1,000-acre sustainable community feels a hundred miles away from Atlanta's urban madness—and acts as a much-needed respite from the holiday frenzy. Especially when experienced while astride a horse. Pack up the minivan, hit the highway and head down south to Chattahoochee Hills for a 15-mile trail ride through Serenbe's sylvan forests and rolling meadows, followed by warm apple cider. Consider it a more rustic, less tourist-clogged version of Lenox's Pink Pig.

See what one million Christmas lights look like at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
We have this theory that Georgians tend to overcompensate for our region's woefully snowless holiday seasons by draping string after string of festive, twinkly lights on every available surface. And nowhere proves our hypothesis like the Atlanta Botanical Garden. By unleashing the power of over a million tiny, sparkling bulbs, the Garden has once again assembled a holiday light show that'd make Clark Griswold proud. Pro-tip: don't skip the "make your own s'more" kits by the fire pits. Or the hot buttered rum, for that matter.