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Toscanini's Ice Cream

100% off Toscanini's Ice Cream
The Scoop: When the New York Times says you have the “best ice cream in the world”, you know you ...
The Scoop: When the New York Times says you have the “best ice cream in the world”, you know you must be doing something right. Toscanini’s does 32 flavors right every single frozen, creamy, delicious day. Located right on the edge of Central Square, it’s a destination spot for locals, tourists, and many, many MIT students needing to get a quick break from studying. What better way to recharge the ol' mindgrapes than with an ice cream headache?

I sat down with Mimi, owner and sister to the local legend Gus Rancatore, to talk about Tosci’s (as it’s called by people in the know). Gus started Tosci’s 30 years ago in what is now the production area. A few years later it expanded to the space it currently sits. But I was eager to get to the good stuff (and so was she). They have the classics, Chocolate and Vanilla, they have their signature flavor, Burnt Caramel, and then they have unique flavors like Blackberry Lime and B³ (Brown Butter, Brown Sugar, and Brownies). I tried the Blackberry Lime. Okay, I didn't just try it. I inhaled it. And I took home a pint. Or two. Don't judge.

Ice cream is one of those nostalgic things that people swear tasted better when they were children. Tosci’s somehow takes those memories and builds amazing tasting flavors for adult palettes. You'll be back to being a kid in no time, when getting ice cream was a rare treat. With the seasons changing people think less about getting ice cream, but cold weather is no excuse not to get ice cream. Chase your scoop with a cup of hot coffee if you have to. Like Mimi said, “Everyday is Ice Cream Day.” Dang right.

Menu Highlights:
1 Scoop, $4.25 (Free with Scoutmob deal!)
2 Scoops, $5.50
Sundae, $4.00 (micro), $6.00 (small), $7.00 (large)
Small Coffee, $1.80
Toto Pops, $3.00

Monday - Saturday, 8 am - 11 pm
Sunday, 10 am - 11 pm

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