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Oak Lawn Coffee

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All coffee is not created equal. That is why places like Oak Lawn Coffee exist—to show you that coffee can be something worth waking up for.
Let's be honest. To make it through the day, you need coffee. But all coffee is not created equal. That is why places like Oak Lawn Coffee exist; to show you that coffee can be something worth waking up for. Formerly known as Urban Dog and re-opened under new ownership, Oak Lawn Coffee is becoming entrenched as a reflection of the community from which it takes its name. The walls are decorated with local art (the ceiling too, itself a one-of-a-kind installation). The direct trade, single-origin beans the baristas brew come straight from the nearby Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters. The pastries and sandwiches they sell? Those that aren't made in-house come from area bakeries such as Kessler Cookie Company and Rush Patisserie. Even the coffee menu has its roots in the shop's own clientele; named after two Oak Lawn Coffee regulars, you can order any hot beverage “go Vince” (heavy cream and syrup) or the brilliant “Alejandro-style” (Drink of your choice made with Cubano shots (shots of expresso pulled with raw sugar pressed into the grounds).

Beyond all the talk of art and community and the insular naming of beverage styles, Oak Lawn Coffee is first and foremost about serving up an outstanding cup of joe. For the summer months (which is most of the year, this being Texas), the go-to jam is a Shaken Espresso. Prepared with a martini shaker and looking like a Guinness poured over ice (thick, creamy head and all), the Shaken Espresso is a cold, caffeine-jacked treat that makes Starbucks iced coffee look like half a can of lukewarm Diet Coke. And when it finally does cool down in TX, you can do no better than an Alejandro-style Cappuccino, which comes off richer and sweeter than your average cup of fancy java. Or, if your morning is particularly sucktastic, get your hands on the Black Irishman. Hazelnut, Irish Cream, chocolate and rich espresso form the perfect rock n' roll four-piece band except, you know, it's in a cup and you can drink it. Pair any of these with a homemade chewy granola bar, dense and chewy like a brownie that's actually good for you, and you've got a breakfast that's basically rocket fuel. In other words, mornings may suck; Oak Lawn Coffee most emphatically does not.

Menu Highlights
Shaken Espresso, 16oz $2.75, 24oz $3.50
Black Irishman, 12oz $3.75, 16oz $4.25
Alejandro-Style Cappuccino, 16oz $3.25
Homemade Chewy Granola Bar, $2.50

Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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