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The Gem Juice Bar

50% off The Gem Juice Bar
“Everything we serve at The Gem is designed to be inviting, fun and 100% non-intimidating.” -Leslie Needleman, Co-owner
The Gem has only been open for a couple months now. But after you’ve visited this haven of healthy elixirs (inside Duo at Inwood and Lovers), you’ll know exactly what it means to be gemmy. Think vibrant colors, lust for life, big bowls of freshly washed, glittering organic kale, piles of juicy apples and a sleek open kitchen. And the friendliest, most knowledgeable juice goddesses you’ve ever met. What you won’t find here: preachy vegans and holier-than-thou health nuts. The Gem is all about having fun, feeling great and sharing the joy of juice. Preach it, sisters!

The Gem caters to a diverse crowd, from busy moms to buff dudes. Because who can’t benefit from an all-organic power shot of liquid nutrition? Are smoothies more your speed? The Gem has those, too, and they’re a favorite with kids. And unlike something you can get at a drive-through, there’s no added processed sugar or sci-fi stuff you can’t pronounce. Kombucha on tap (blood orange is currently on rotation) will fix that hitch in your giddy-up better than any tired old coffee drink. And the brief lunch menu (who wants to deal with 15 pages of fat-laden choices, anyway?) offers whole-food salads to make you feel mean, clean and green.

After yoga class, the Green Glow (kale, apple, cucumber, ginger and lemon) was exactly what we needed. All those phytonutrients started working their magic within minutes, and we swear that for the rest of the morning we felt just a little bit buzzed. Just a little bit glow-ier than usual. And, dare we say it, just a little bit gemmy.

Menu Highlights:
Green Glow Juice (kale, cucumber, apple, lemon, ginger), $6.50 (Super-size $7.50)
Ruby Slipper Juice (carrots, cucumber, beet, lemon, ginger), $6.50 (Super-size $7.50)
Emerald City Smoothie (celery, spinach, basil, ginger, apple, lemon, cucumber), $7
Sparkle Berry Smoothie (seasonal berries, banana, mango, pomegranate, hemp milk), $7
The Gem Trio, (three salads: kale, quinoa, hummus with Sami's chips and veggies) $12

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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