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Cultivar Coffee & Tea

50% off Cultivar Coffee & Tea
You can get a cup of coffee anywhere. But you want one from Cultivar, since they put their blood, sweat and tears (metaphorically speaking, of course) into every drink they pour.
You can get a cup of coffee anywhere. Burger King has coffee. There's a free pot at any car dealership. However, what you'll find in your little Styrofoam cup is tantamount to hot, brown water. For truly good coffee, you have to try harder. Search for a local place, one owned by people who put their souls into the beans they grind; their blood, sweat, and tears into the drinks they brew (metaphorically speaking, of course). If you live in East Dallas, the end of your search is unquestionably Cultivar Coffee. Like a craft beer versus a Bud Light, what they're roasting and grinding and pulling and pouring at Cultivar is on a different plane of existence from all other cups of joe.

Starting life as a coffee-roasting company owned by Jonathan Meadows and Nathan Shelton, Cultivar has now become a storefront operation and a haven for those who care deeply about the coffee they drink. The baristas at Cultivar — all seasoned veterans of the trade — are more like teachers, educating you on the complex world of coffee with each caffine-rich libation they serve. Their Cortado, you'll discover, is like a latte sans training wheels. The 2:2 ratio of milk to coffee (as opposed to the 10:2 found in a latte) makes for an intense experience, putting the coffee up front in a brass-knuckles kind of way. Though if that's too much for your morning eye-opener, the latte is always there, waiting like a hug. Plus, they draw pretty pictures in the foam; a lesson in quality coffee and a work of art, all in one cup.

Menu Highlights
Espresso, $2.60
Cortado, $3.05
Latte, $3.65

Tuesday - Sunday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Closed Monday

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