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Be Raw Food & Juice

50% off Be Raw Food & Juice
Raw foodism—the practice of eating an unprocessed plant and nut-based diet—is actually a wildly inventive style of cuisine, and the dishes at Be Raw Food & Juice are more delicious than you probably think.
It's unfortunate that the concept of “raw food” conjures up the image of a Phish concert-escapee sitting in a tent eating a shrub. Raw foodism—which is nothing more than the practice of eating a plant and nut-based diet, with zero processing—is actually a wildly inventive and creative style of cuisine. Noodles made from zucchini! Cheesecakes made from cashews! Tortillas made from coconuts! It's like eating a plate of science fiction, and, at Be Raw Food & Juice, that food is more delicious than you probably think.

There's a line in Woody Allen's classic Annie Hall where Allen, at a California vegetarian restaurant, orders “alfalfa sprouts and a plate of mashed yeast.” That is NOT what is on the menu at Be Raw Food & Juice. Yes, you're getting something healthy. Yes, you're eating something organic. But that doesn't mean it has to be gross! In fact, it can be pretty killer. Take the customer-fave Coconut-Kale Enchiladas. It's marinated kale plus housemade pico, salsa verde, sour cream (made with that multi- tasking nut, the cashew), and a nacho cheese that isn't cheese at all... but totally tastes like it. All of that is wrapped in the aforementioned tortillas made from fresh coconuts shelled every morning. This is for sure a Tex-Mex production, even if the cast and crew are a little different. And if you're an appreciator of a fine, meatless burger, the one at Be Raw is so much more than just a microwave-abused Boca patty. They make their own veggie burger mix with sunflower seeds and sweet potatoes (which goes fine with all the trimmings). Dessert is a must-get, too; it actually might even be worth a trip on its own. The Blueberry/Strawberry Cheesecake—whipped up from cashews, avocados, and fresh fruit—is a guilt- free testament to the raw food movement's ingenuity. Oh yeah, and it tastes amazing, too.

Menu Highlights:
Coconut-Kale Enchiladas - $14
Bliss Burger - $13
Cheesecake - $9

Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm
Monday - Saturday, 11 am - 9 pm

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