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Park Tavern

50% off Park Tavern
Think of it as a fun dinner party at your hippest friend's Downtown loft. Unusual takes on familiar favorites abound, and they all go perfectly with the 40 or so beers on tap.
The interior of Park Tavern can only be discussed in exaggerations. “The Cowboys could use it as a back-up stadium!” “You could reenact WWII dogfights in here!” “This place makes the famed, enormous buffet at Ceaser's Palace look like a parking lot sno-cone shack!” You get the idea. Park Tavern is huge... shockingly so, at first, given that its exterior is dwarfed by the Whole Foods and Old Navy with which it shares shopping center space. What's even more shocking is that Park Tavern isn't defined by its spatial relations; big though it is, it feels intimate. Mood lighting from the omnipresent Edison bulbs helps, but it's really the staff and the food that make this place feel like a fun dinner party at your hippest friend's Downtown loft (or blimp hanger).

Also awesome? The hours. Park Tavern is open late in a neighborhood hardly teeming with dining options after 10 o'clock. On the weekends, the kitchen is turning out quirky, gastropub fare until midnight. Unusual takes on familiar concepts abound (and they all go perfectly with the 40 or so beers on tap, many of them local brews). Deviled Eggs, that church social staple, get a spicy makeover with the inclusion of housemade chorizo and a drizzle of chorizo oil. Be prepared to throw elbows in an effort to keep them all to yourself. Also worthy of inter-table fisticuffs, the Animal Tots. Pulled pork, cheese curds, stout gravy, and a fried egg covering a bed of tater tots... if that isn't the exact thing that you want to stuff in your face after a few pints, then we have nothing further to talk about.

Menu Highlights:
Deviled Eggs, $6
Animal Tots, $10
Foot Long Grilled Cheese, $12

Sunday - Wednesday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Thursday - Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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