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Great American Hero

50% off Great American Hero
Peace, love and ridiculously high-quality sandwiches are the selling points at Great American Hero. Not necessarily in that order. (We'll take the sandwiches first, please.)
When you get a sandwich at Great American Hero, it comes cut and assembled into the shape of a heart. It's a small detail, but a crucial one; a detail that speaks volumes about what goes on inside the funky yellow building on Lemmon Avenue. "We serve it that way because we, with our food, are literally giving you our heart," says Dominick, owner and self-professed ex-hippie. Everybody say "awww!" That kindness of spirit permeates Great American Hero, influencing the way this place has done business for almost 40 years. And thanks to daily treks to the farmer's market, as well as an overall, long-entrenched ethos that only products of the highest quality will be served within its poster-bedecked walls, the heroes even taste like love. Well, provided you define "love" as "fine cured meats and fresh veggies" (which we do).

Considering the scope and breadth of the menu, The Italian is a good place to start. Genoa salami, ham, cappicola and provolone are shuffled onto the customer's choice of bread like a hand of poker, and you can get them topped however you choose. We recommend going all-in with "the works." If you're feeling a little more Miami Beach-ish, the Cuban, in the words of Dominick, "will rival any Cuban sandwich you'll find in Florida." Bold words from a man in an apron, but we like bold. It's also worth noting that Great American Hero does catering, too, specializing in box lunches, party subs and the like. It's the perfect solution for those who need to feed the hopelessly hungry masses (i.e. their coworkers) immediately, if not sooner.

Menu Highlights
The Italian, $5.75
Heroletta, $6.75
Cuban Panini, $6.95

Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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