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Live Hair Group

50% off Live Hair Group
Get your hair did at a fashionable salon that's kept the crowds at its neighboring, legendary music venue looking outstanding for years.
Before you begin a night of dancing in the dark at the historic Granada theater, you might want to check your look in the mirror. Want to get a haircut? Change your hair color? Maybe change your face? Pfft, on that last one; you’ve got fine bone structure. But the other two? If your hair is looking a little more grunge than glam, we direct your attention all the way across the street to Live Hair Group—the Granada's opening act for the fashionably inclined.

Owned and operated by bro ‘n sis duo Robert and Janna Wilson, they have created a funky salon that is the perfect balance of hip and friendly. While it features local art on the walls and the prerequisite staff of beautiful people, it also boasts free wine and beer for those about to get coiffed, as well as genuinely helpful touches like call-ahead parking and phone consultations to accurately match you up with the correct hair scholar. What's a hair scholar, you ask? It's the Live Hair Group's amped-up version of an average stylist, so named due to their rigorous training and constant pursuit of hair-related education. Among their specialties is the Dry Cut, which is basically what it sounds like; they cut your hair dry, as in, nary a spritz from an omnipresent water bottle. This makes for a more precise, attractive haircut, but it's also extremely difficult for the stylist to pull off correctly. Unless, of course, you're a hair scholar. For them, it's merely all in a day's work. For you (and us), it’s how you'll get invited up on stage to dance.

Menu Highlights
Dry Haircut for Men: $35 and up
Dry Haircut for Women: $55 and up

Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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