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Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub

50% off Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub
The Scoop: Whether your buzz of choice comes from caffeine or alcohol, the Rooster & Moon Coffee...
The Scoop: Whether your buzz of choice comes from caffeine or alcohol, the Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub has your high. This Golden Triangle café is more than just a coffeehouse or bar, it’s a full-on neighborhood hub. People come here to connect, work, hang out and enjoy some seriously delicious food and drink. The coffee creations, especially the seasonal pumpkin caramel spice latte, will make you forget all about a certain corporate coffee giant, and won’t break the bank either. Sourced from local roaster Allegro and using a variety of homemade syrups, these bouncy blends are crafted by people who are dedicated to brightening your day and your palate.

I could be described as a trendiphobe. I don’t have a Mac or i- anything, will never wear thick-rimmed glasses and prefer Hall and Oates to any group fronted by a Kate Hudson boyfriend. So I wasn’t exactly expecting to fall in love with Rooster & Moon’s industrial chic, Mac-filled space. But alas, quality trumped my decidedly un-hip judgments. I was first won over by the people—the Rooster staff is friendly and helpful without being overly-caffeinated perky. By the time I started sipping my foamy latte, I was no longer nervously side-eyeing a table of drainpipe jean-wearing customers, wondering when they’d jump me, tie me down and force me into neon American Apparel leggings (hey, it’s a legitimate fear). And when I tasted their scratch-made desserts, I was planning my next trip back and contemplating the benefits of the iPhone 5.

The team behind Rooster & Moon has years of collective experience in bars and coffee shops, which is probably why the hooch and brew combo works so well here. The self-described booze, coffee and food geeks successfully pair their sunny coffee house atmosphere with an equally welcoming bar that is (thankfully) devoid of sports-filled big screens and rowdiness. It’s perfect for anyone who’s ever wished for a more debauched java or a jauntier cocktail. Bonus: if you can’t decide between a shot of espresso or a shot of whiskey, you can have the best of both buzzes in concoctions like the Nero, which mixes Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and coffee in a caramelized sugar-lined mug.

Menu Highlights:
Pumpkin Caramel Spice Latte, $3.55 medium
MexiCali Breakfast Flatbread, $6
Ashland Roast Beef Sandwich, $6
Caprese Sandwich, $6
Berry Avocado Salad, $8 full, $6 half

Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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