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The Village Kitchen

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"Not only do you get to eat great food, you make a difference in the lives of women andchildren." - Silvia, Associate Director of the Good Shepherd Center
On the outskirts of downtown Los Angles lies a sanctuary of sorts. It’s a place where one can seek solace, shelter, and a coconut cupcake. The Village Kitchen looks like a cozy bakery cafe, scones and muffins lining cases and savory soups wafting about. But the magical women who work there make it more than a restaurant. They come from Good Shepherd Center, a serene homeless shelter with space for 93 women and 45 children per night. Working in The Village Kitchen is part of a culinary arts training program and will eventually earn otherwise homeless women a food management certificate, experience, and job opportunities.

You feel your karma kick in upon entering. Women with bright smiles offer foamy lattes or freshly baked tarts with raspberries spaced atop just so. Head Chef Ali mans the kitchen, but the women bring their flavor too, sharing unique skills or recipes from their childhoods. They serve a new blend of soup from scratch each day AND they bake their own bread (dipping optional). The baguettes are like crusted pillows, and knowing they were fluffed right there adds an indescribable sweetness. Ali bursts with pride as he shows me the Cobb salad, turkey sandwich, and a fat burger served with baked fries (baked means they’re healthy, right? Right?). Go for lunch and stay for dessert. Scones, banana bread, cheesecake, and peanut butter cookies bigger than your hand are all made in-house. It’s hard to decide what’s better—the red velvet or the place itself. Go make your lunch mean something!

Menu Highlights:
Cobb Salad, $8.00
1/2 Turkey Sandwich/Greek Salad combo, $8.00
Cheeseburger with baked fries
Breakfast sandwich, $4.25

Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm