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50% off Leap
The team at Leap feels a strong responsibility to their loyal neighborhood shoppers. "Locals raise the bar. You want them to find something they like everytime they come in," said the owner.
It's kind of implicit that a word like "local" doesn't conjure international flavor. But that's not necessarily the case for retail boutique Leap on Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz. For Leap's owner and U.K native, Beverly, it's the sense of community in the area that conjures the across-the-pond nostalgia. "This area reminds me of places in Dublin and London I've worked in where you know your neighborhood," says Beverly. "It's the best."

Because of this, Leap feels there's a responsibility to the local customers. "Locals raise the bar. You want them to find something they like everytime they come in," she said. Customers have a range of stuff to chose from—hats, shoes, purses and jewelry in addition to clothes, much of which is culled from local labels. "We collect stuff we like," Beverly says," we're not here to dictate a style. We don't curate anything."

As we were talking, an employee named Rachel snagged a blouse for herself and put it in the back room. "I get a lot of my stuff from here. When we only have a limited amount from a designer and I'm not allowed to have it, I get sad." When we asked Beverly what else people should know about the store, she shrugged, "Perhaps that we don't bite? I have no idea." A friend and customer later interjected, "Pay no mind. This is hands down the best boutique in LA."

Monday - Wednesday, noon to 7 p.m.
Thursday - Saturday, noon to 8 p.m.
Sunday, noon to 6 p.m.

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